Taeha (태하) – Can’t Stop Me [The Technician OST]


[기술자들 OST]
| Naver | Melon | Genie | BugsiTunesmp3 |
작사/작곡/편곡: 임현준
Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: Im Hyeon-jun

Oh you can’t stop me now oh
My run is not over
Try me to over and over

Can`t you be by my side oh
we go together
Won’t you come stand beside me

I won’t cry about it baby
Don’t chase me cause you`ll fail it
Don’t you dare try to stop me

About to help me lady
Don’t chase me cause you’ll hate it
Don’t you dare try to stop me,
Yes, you my fate

Oh, can’t this be all that I can be
Won’t settle for less, only just do it
Yes, in all ways

I wanna show you,
I can’t be stopped here now
I’ll show you how to love away
Don’t stop me now
oh, can’t stop me now

[Lyric by: naver music]
Please take out with full credit

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