Misaeng [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics] + Cheer (응원) by Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언)

[미생 OST]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Romantic Ideal
Rose Motel (장미여관)
2. Tomorrow
Han Hee Jung (한희정)
3. Fly
Lee Seung Yeol (이승열)
4. Hidden Path
가리워진 길
Red Cheek Puberty (볼빨간 사춘기)
5. But Still.. So..
Im Si Wan (임시완)
6. (Cheer)
Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언)
7. Hidden Path (Band Ver.)
가리워진 길 (Band Ver.)
Red Cheek Puberty (볼빨간 사춘기)
8. Title of Misaeng
Title of 미생
Various Artists
9. The Office Junior Various Artists
10. Day
Various Artists
11. Endure the Lonely Time
외로운 시간을 견디며
Various Artists
12. No Time To Lose Hurry Up
급할수록 서둘러라
Various Artists
13. Rookie
Various Artists
14. Jordan Fantasy Various Artists
15. Quits
Various Artists
16. Okay? Okay! Various Artists
17. The Path To Work
Various Artists
18. Begin
Various Artists
19. The Unavoidable Snow
피해갈 수 없는 눈
Various Artists
20. Tears
Various Artists
21. Rotten Smile
썩은 미소
Various Artists
22. Wait-and-see Policy
눈치 작전
Various Artists
23. How About A Drink Tonight?
오늘 한잔?
Various Artists
24. Consolation
Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
[Tracklist by: naver music]

Kwak Jin-eon (곽진언) – Cheer (응원)

작사/작곡:곽진언 | 편곡: 곽진언, 전진희
Lyricist/Composer: Kwak Jin-eon | Arranger: Kwak Jin-eon, Jeon Jin-hee


사람들 틈에서 외롭지 않고 잿빛도시가 익숙해져요
열평 남짓 나의 집이 아늑한 걸요

한번쯤 멋지게 살고팠는데
이제는 많이 지치나봐요
괜찮다고 말하는게 편안해져요

누구나 알고 있듯이 누구나 그렇게 살듯이
나에게도 아주 멋진 날개가 있다는 걸 압니다

당당하게 살거라 어머니의 말씀대로
그때처럼 억지처럼 축쳐진 어깨를 펴봅니다

세상을 바꾸겠다며 집을 나섰던 아이는
내가 아니지만 그래도 힘을 내자

누구나 알고 있듯이 모두가 그렇게 살듯이
나에게도 아주 멋진 날개가 있다는 걸 압니다

당당하게 살거라 어머니의 말씀대로
그때처럼 억지처럼 축 쳐진 어깨를 펴봅니다


saramdeul teumeseo woerobji anhgo jaetbitdoshiga iksukhaejyeoyo
yeolpyeong namjit naui jibi aneukhan geollyo

hanbeonjjeum meotjige salgopatneunde
ijeneun manhi jichinabwayo
kwaenchandago malhaneun.ge pyeonanhaejyeoyo

nuguna algo itdeushi nuguna keureohke saldeushi
na.egedo aju meotjin nalgaega itdaneun geol ammida

dangdanghage salgeora eomeoniui malsseumdaero
keuttaecheoreom eokjicheoreom chukchyeojin eokkaereul pyeobommida

sesangeul bakkugetdamyeo jibeul naseotdeon aineun
naega anijiman keuraedo himeul naeja

nuguna algo itdeushi moduga keureohke saldeushi
na.egedo aju meotjin nalgaega itdaneun geol ammida

dangdanghage salgeora eomeoniui malsseumdaero
keuttaecheoreom eokjicheoreom chukchyeojin eokkaereul pyeobommida

[English Translations]

I’m not lonely even among the crowd
I’m used to this ashy city
My tiny apartment feels cozy

I wanted to live a cool life just once
But now I think I’m really tired
Saying that I’m alright is more comfortable

Just like everyone knows, just like everyone else lives
I know that I have great wings

Just like how my mother said to live confidently
Just like back then, like the stubbornness
I draw out my droopy shoulders

The child who left his home, saying he’d change the world
He’s not me but still, let’s be strong

Just like everyone knows, just like everyone else lives
I know that I have great wings

Just like how my mother said to live confidently
Just like back then, like the stubbornness
I straighten up my droopy shoulders

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Hangul by: naver music]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please take out with full credit

Misaeng – A Short Recap and Review


misaeng has ended….. 😦 i’ve watched countless korean drama throughout my life and I dare to say this is the BEST kdrama i’ve ever watched so far. maybe it’s my adrenaline typing, but since everything is just so fresh, i feel like misaeng has raised the bar quite high! this is gonna be the beginning of new era for kdrama industry.

jang geu rae i love you


reality beats fantasy. misaeng is inspiring in all level. perfect casting too! i read an article mentioned that everyone rejected the offer to play “Jang Geu-rae”. uff the pressure is real.

Amongst them was Lee Je Hoon, but Lee Je Hoon wasn′t the only one who rejected the role. Truthfully, everyone rejected it. Even for Im Si Wan, before he knew about the role, his agency rejected it. Casting is hard, and there′s 100 percent a connection between a role and an actor. It was heaven′s will because when seeing it in retrospect, I think, ′It wouldn′t have worked out that way’. Im Si Wan later personally said that he wanted to take the role, and that′s how everything worked out. He received the blessings he was meant to take.” – Kim Won Seok, Misaeng’s PD


i see that some of the casts and crews are currently in Cebu following the finale of the drama. an all-paid-expenses 5D4N trip. oh yes they deserved it. this drama has set a historically high rating for a cable tv. good job guys! byun yo han and crews shared their photos on instagram. so good to see Sales Team 3 together again. 🙂

Fullscreen capture 24122014 32448


im siwan and lee sung min sunbaenim saw kim daemyung celebrates his 35th birthday alone so they joined him for a moment and took a picture with his cake. aww~


i’ve compiled a few photos from byun yo han’s instagram, a set of momento he captured while working on misaeng 🙂

fav people

i will dearly miss this drama. i cried, laughed and let out all sort of emotions throughout whole episodes. well, this is normal right? maybe cos i was Jang Geurae in the past. although not as smart, persistent and patient as he is, but watching this drama reminded me during those days in corporate world.. i wish i get to know jang geurae then, but still.. i learnt a lot!

 lemme share a few caps and bts photos here. these darling fantastic four of One International rookies! Mr. Oh, Mr. Kim, Mr. Cheon from Sales Team 3 and everyone! you’ll be missed, Misaeng!

silly fantastic 4

mr. kang and baekki

papa bear and 4 fab babies
papa bear and the fabulous four



"Remember this passionate day." Look at these babies...
“Remember this passionate day.”
Look at these babies…
darling fantastic 4
oh jang geurae.. stahp it

jang geu rae

“If there’s something you want to achieve, develop physical strength first. The reason why you sometimes collapse in the latter half, why you’re slow to recover after some damage, why you recover slowly when you make a mistake — those are all due to limits in your physical strength.
If you’re physically weak, you’re quick to seek comfort and you lose patience. Then you become so tired, you fall into a state where you no longer care about winning. If you want to win, turn your body into one that can withstand challenges. Mental power is just a mere slogan without physical strength.” – Jang Geurae

some of a few inspiring words he uttered in the show. i’m taking notes 🙂 Who could imagine even a game of go can be someone’s influence in living the right life, right. now i have to slowly move on…  i’m blabbing about this drama making this post longer than it should be.. i should end this now

oh one more thing, i love how they stress the “our…” our kid, our company, our… i felt comforted by this words. it is actually more powerful than we thought.

[edit] so i was browsing my travel videos, and discovered something that looks so familiar, i gasped, and my eyes widen cos… isn’t this THE “One International”??????? *hyperventilating*


this video was recorded on 5th Dec 2012, during my first trip to korea. i don’t know what building is that but it was in front of seoul station. my friends and i were there at that time, not sure whether we were just arrived or this was after the meals but yeah.. heavy snow falls covered seoul area and the childish side of me started recording this magical moment outside the station. had i know this building will be featured in misaeng, i’d snap a photo but well, what a surprise! hehe it reminded me of the final scenes in misaeng, after the credit.. when they showed the linked destiny between Mr. Oh and Geurae. this is like.. a linked destiny between me and misaeng?? lmao pardon me i’m just being sentimental ㅠㅠ

the *sentimental* sleepless lady


10 Replies to “Misaeng [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics] + Cheer (응원) by Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언)”

  1. Hi, do you know when exactly the moment the song “Cheer” have been played in the series? Which episode? I really like this song, but I didn’t really pay attention or recognize it untill I got the album…. please help, thank you!


  2. I am with you! hahahaha been blabbering about it on blogs and social medias a loooot hhahaha… I love the OST so much. You have to got the original album. It comes along with photo bucklet!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering if you know the name of the sad piano song used frequently in Misaeng for example at the end of episode 14 when Mr. Oh was telling his friend about Eunji and Geurae overheard them? Ive searched high and low for it and cant seem to find it 😦 its not on the official ost album too 😦


  4. Me too.. this is my best kdrama of 2014. The story, the cast, the OST, everything is just perfect. Hope to see them again in season 2..probably some time in 2015? i hope..


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