Naul of Brown Eyed Soul (나얼 of 브라운아이드소울) – 같은 시간 속의 너 (You From The Same Time)


Singer Naul of Brown Eyed Soul has released the music video for his latest single ‘You From The Same Time’. In the music video, Yoo Seung Ho can be seen reminiscing about a past love, seemingly wanting to overcome his sadness and say his final goodbye to the memories. 

This single is the first of the series of solo singles that will be released by each Brown Eyed Soul members. Jung Yeop, Young Joon and Sung Hoon will all be releasing a solo single as part of the group’s project album.

Naul strongly recommended Yoo Seung Ho to appear in his new MV and the actor willingly accepted it. Many people are looking forward to his performance as this is his first MV ever since his military discharge in December last year. Santa Music said, “The music video for ‘You From The Same Time’ mostly consists of the close-ups of the actor’s face, focusing on the actor’s facial expressions to raise the intensity of the story. Yoo Seung Ho’s delicate expressions and his emotion stands out, leading the video.”

[MV Teaser]

[Official MV]

Brown Eyed Soul Single Project 1st
[Digital Single] 같은 시간 속의 너 (You From The Same Time)

| Naver | Melon | Genie | Bugs | Olleh | iTunesmp3 |
작사/작곡: 나얼 | 편곡: 강화성
Lyricist/Composer: Naul | Arranger: Kang Hwa-seong

꼭 그러지 않아도 충분히 널 이해할 수 있어
다른 사람 곁에 서 있는 니 모습이
조금 어색하지만

다 버리지 않아도 어떻게든 이겨낼 수 있어
다른 사랑 찾아가버린 니 얼굴이
그렇게 밉진 않아

이제 우리 같은 시간 속을 남처럼
그렇게 걸으면 돼
달아나도 가지 못할 기억 안고

아무말도 하지마요
더는 안된다는거 잘 알아요
많은 날들이 아무 의미없진 않겠죠
멀어지는 바람처럼

우리 함께한 기억들을 꿈처럼
그렇게 안으면 돼
눈 감아도 잊지 못할 추억의 널 묻고

아무말도 하지마요
더는 안된다는거 잘 알아요
사랑했던 날 모두 사라지진 않겠죠
우릴 스치는 안개처럼

아무것도 묻지 않을게요
이대로 묻어둘래요 나는요
거짓말처럼 또 하루가 살아지겠죠

같은 시간 속의 너


kkok keureoji anhado chungbunhi neol ihaehal su isseo
dareun saram gyeote seo itneun ni moseubi
jogeum eosaekhajiman

da beoriji anhado eotteohkedeun igyeonael su isseo
dareun sarang chajagabeorin ni eolguri
keureohke mibjin anha

ije uri gateun sigan sogeul namcheoreom
keureohke georeumyeon dwae
daranado gaji mothal ki.eok an.go

amumaldo hajimayo
deoneun andwaendaneun.geo jal arayo
manheun naldeuri amu uimi.eopjin anhgetjyo
meoreojineun baramcheoreom

uri hamkkehan ki.eokdeureul kkumcheoreom
keureohke aneumyeon dwae
nun gamado ijji mothal chu.eogui neol mutgo

amumaldo hajimayo
deoneun andwaendaneun.geo jal arayo
saranghaetdeon nal modu sarajijin anhgetjyo
uril seuchineun an.gaecheoreom

amugeotdo mutji anheulkeyo
idaero mudeodullaeyo naneunyo
geojitmalcheoreom tto haruga sarajigetjyo

gateun sigan sogui neo


Even if you don’t do that, I can understand you well enough
Although it was a bit awkward
Seeing you next to someone else

Even if I haven’t thrown every away, I can overcome somehow
Your face that has found a different love
I don’t hate it that much

Now we’re living in the same time
But walking in it as strangers
With memories that try to run away but can’t

Don’t say anything
I know it can’t be anymore
Those many days can’t be all meaningless
Just like the wind going far away

The memories of us together
Just embrace it like a dream
I’m burying you in my memories
That I can never forget even after closing my eyes

Don’t say anything
I know it can’t be anymore
Those many days we were in love can’t all disappear
Just like the passing fog

I won’t ask you anything
I just want to bury it like this
I’ll live through another day lie a lie

It falls
You, in the same time

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: naver music]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please take out with full credit

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