MC Mong (MC 몽) – Song For You (Full Album/Tracklist/Lyrics)


MC Mong return with a new mini album titled ‘Song For You’, to thanks his fans for the support given especially during his comeback after 5 years with ‘Miss Me Or Diss Me’ last year. I’m not even ready!! Love Mash is so good you gotta have it in your playlist! The MV is colorful ㅋㅋ I attracted to 4th track as well because of the mix of his legend songs ‘Crazy’ and ‘Love You Till Death’. All the memories with the fun MC Mong I had in those days flashing in my mind when I listen to it. Thank you Mongie! Be strong and keep producing!

MC Mong revealed that he has created this mini-album with lots of love, and is a gift to fans who have supported him and his music. In his quote, he further apologizes for his actions in the past and to those who he may have hurt with his actions.

I‘ve put in my grateful heart towards the fans who have loved my music in this new release. I hope that this music will be one that cheers on those in love and consoles those who have broken up.”

[Official Teaser: Released on Feb 27th, 2015]

[Official MV: Released on March 2nd, 2015]

I was very surprised when I checked some of music charts last night. He did it again. He slays the music charts again. Well done! 🙂 Below is the tracklist of all songs. Check it out!

Track List
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Love Mash
사랑 범벅
MC Mong ft. Chancellor
(MC 몽 feat 챈슬러 of The Channels)
2. Cold Phase Addiction
MC Mong ft. Sunwoo Jung Ah
(MC 몽 feat. 선우정아)
3. White
MC Mong ft. Richard Parkers
(MC 몽 feat. 리차드파커스)
MC Mong
(MC 몽)
5. 사랑 범벅 (Inst.) Instrumental
6. 권태중독 (Inst.) Instrumental

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
Please take out with full credit

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