Daybreak (데이브레이크) – Beautiful People (빛나는 사람)


This is a very very very very very very very very nice song. Ok that’s a bit much of ‘very’. The melody is so lovely, I enjoyed every instruments ringing in my ears and can’t stop smiling because I keep reminiscing  to the days when I was sooo crazy over J-pop. LOL 😀 reason is because it sounded Japanese!! This album is produced by Keiichi Tomita, a famous Japanese  producer. Sparks of his touch is visible through the arrangements… plus Daybreak’s vocalist, Lee Won-seok’s pronunciations  has Japanese style in it. Particularly in this song. His sound  reminds  me of this  Japanese singer.. hmm.. Ok I forgot his name. Old memory back in 2002 or 2003 or maybe less. haha After all it’s a good song, lovely and soothing melody, kind of ear healing for me. Hopefully you’ll like it too!  They are just simply a talented bunch of people. 🙂

Daybreak’s ‘Beautiful People’ is a ballad with a lovely melody. It contains the message of comforting those who are exhausting from running towards their goals. Keiichi Tomita’s meticulous arrangement stands out, proving his nickname as the ‘arrangement guidebook.’
Model Kim Ki Bum who appears last in the music video, has a youthful yet rough diamond image. This music video was taken in a ‘one scene one take’ method, removing any need for editing. Regardless of the difficult filming, he was able to flawless express the message of ‘Beautiful People,’ amazing the staff.

Check out several videos from the process of arranging, behind the scenes, teasers to the completion of product.  데이브레이크 많이 사랑해주세용 😀

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[Self Cam] at Tomita Lab in Japan

[Interview with Keiichi Tomita]

[Teaser 1]

[Solo Guitar Acoustic Live] by Jung Yoo Jong (정유종)

[MV Teaser]

[Official MV]

[Music with Video Lyrics]

[Digital Single] Beautiful People
[Track 2] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh | iTunesmp3 |

작사/작곡: 데이브레이크 | 편곡: Keiichi Tomita
Lyricist/Composer: Daybreak | Arranger: Keiichi Tomita

하루가 또 다른 하루를 밀어낸다
아쉬워할 틈도 없이 적당한 인사도 없이

아픔이 또 다른 아픔을 밀어낸다
쉬면 뒤처져 버릴까 조금씩 익숙해져만 간다

힘없이 멈출 듯한 저 시계는
같은 시간에 갇혀 애를 쓴다
내가 보였다 안쓰러운 내가
지쳐 구겨져 버린 내가 보여 눈물이 난다

아 외로운 사람아
아 서툰 내 오늘아
흔들거리며 눈물짓던 시간들
그렇게 또 잊혀져 간다 내 하루는

나에게 한없이 지쳐가는 나에게
나지막한 목소리로 조심스레 몇 마디 건넨다

가끔은 쉬어가도 괜찮다고
가끔은 아파해도 괜찮다고
때론 현실에 시들어져 가도
다시 아름답게 피어날 꽃이 바로 너라고

아 빛나는 사람아
아 찬란한 내일아
네가 환하게 웃는 걸 보고 싶어
그렇게 또 채워져 간다 내 하루는

내일 어딘가에 숨겨둔 희망의 빛을 찾아서 떠나

아 빛나는 사람아
아 소중한 사람아
서툰 시간들과 또 다른 내일에
언젠가 눈 부신 햇살이 비출 거야

나나나 나나


haruga tto dareun harureul mireonaenda
aswiwohal tteumdo eopsi jeokdanghan insado eopsi

apeumi tto dareun apeumeul mireonaenda
swimyeon dwicheojyeo beorilkka jogeumssik iksukhaejyeoman ganda

him eopsi meomchul deuthan jeo sigyeneun
gateun sigane gadhyeo aereul sseunda
naega boyeotda ansseureo.un naega
jichyeo gugyeojyeo beorin naega boyeo nunmuri nanda

a woe.roun sarama
a seotun nae oneura
heundeulgeorimyeo nunmuljitdeon sigandeul
keureohke tto ijhyeojyeo ganda nae haruneun

na.ege han eopsi jichyeoganeun na.ege
najimakhan moksoriro josimseure myeot madi geonnenda

gakkeumeun swi.eogado kwaenchanhdago
gakkeumeun apahaedo kwaenchanhdago
ttaeron hyeonsire sideureojyeo gado
dasi areumdabke pi.eonal kkochi baro neorago

a bitnaneun sarama
a challanhan nae.ira
nega hwanhage utneun geol bogo sipeo
keureohke tto chaewojyeo ganda nae haruneun sumgyeodun huimangui bicheul chajaseo tteona

a bitnaneun sarama
a sojunghan sarama
seotun sigandeulgwa tto dareun nae.ire nun busin haessari bichul geoya

nanana nana

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: naver music]
Please take out with full credit


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