xia special edition

This is a special edition album from his 3rd Solo Album titled Flower. In addition of 13 original tracks from ‘Flower’ album, 2 new tracks has been added consisting of new version for ‘X Song’ and an instrumental for ‘Flower’. You can find the original album post HERE 😀

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No. Song Title Artist
1. X Song (Disco Funk Mix) XIA (준수)
2. Reach XIA (준수)
3. 나비
XIA (준수)
4. Flower XIA feat. Tablo
(준수 feat. 타블로)
5. 나의 밤
My Night
XIA (준수)
6. Out of Control XIA (준수) feat. YDG
7. X Song XIA feat. Dok2
(준수 feat. 도끼)
8. License To Love XIA (준수)
9. Musical in Life XIA (준수)
10. Love You More XIA (준수)
11. F. L. P XIA (준수)
12. Hello Hello XIA (준수)
13. 그 말 참 밉다
Hate Those Words
XIA (준수)
14. 사랑숨
Love Breath
XIA (준수)
15. Flower (Instrumental) XIA (준수)

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
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