Acoustic Collabo (어쿠스틱 콜라보) – Don’t Do That (그러지마요)

high society 1

[High Society OST – No 1] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh | iTunes | mp3 |
작사: 빨간양말, 정송암 | 작곡/편곡: 빨간양말
Lyricists: Red Sock, Jeong Song-am | Composer/Arranger: Red Sock

자꾸 다가오지 말아요
미소 짓지도 말아요
그댈 바라게 되면 많이 아플테니
나를 꿈꾸지 마요 나도 이렇게 그댈
밀어내고 있잖아요

제발 다가오지 말아요
그 따뜻함에 분명 흔들릴테니
내가 그대를 참아내는 만큼
아파와도 난 그대를 참아야겠죠

나를 잊어도 돼요 내가 다시는 그댈
바라지도 못할 만큼

제발 아파하지 말아요
그대 눈물에 다시 흔들릴테니
내가 그대를 밀어내는 만큼
아파해도 난 그대를 참아야겠죠

왈칵 눈물이 흐르네요
밀어내봐도 참아보려 애를 써봐도

전부 거짓말이죠
제발 떠나가지는 말아요
나도 이렇게 그대를 사랑하죠
내가 그대를 밀어냈던 만큼
처음부터 난 그대를 사랑한거죠


jakku dagaoji marayo
miso jitjido marayo
keudael barage doemyeon manhi apeulteni
nareul kkumkkuji mayo nado ireohke keudael
mireonaego itjanhayo

jebal dagaoji marayo
keu ttatteuthame bunmyeong heundeullilteni
naega keudaereul chamanaeneun mankeum
apawado nan keudaereul chamayagetjyo

nareul ijeodo dwaeyo naega dasineun keudael
barajido mothal mankeum

jebal apahaji marayo
keudae nunmure dasi heundeullilteni
naega keudaereul mireonaeneun mankeum
apahaedo nan keudaereul chamayagetjyo

walkak nunmuri heureuneyo
mireonaebwado chamaboryeo aereul sseobwado

jeonbu geojitmarijyo
jebal tteonagajineun marayo
nado ireohke keudaereul saranghajyo
naega keudaereul mireonaetdeon mankeum
cheo.eumbuteo nan keudaereul saranghan.geojyo


Stop coming to me, don’t even smile
If I start to want you, it’ll really hurt
Don’t dream of me
I’m also pushing you away

Please don’t come to me
Because your warmth will surely shake me up
Even if it hurts as much as I’m holding back from you
I have to hold back from you

You can forget me
So I won’t ever look at you again

Please don’t hurt
Because your tears will shake me up again
Even if it hurts as much as I’m holding back from you
I have to hold back from you

Tears are spilling out
Though I try to push you away
I try to hold it back, I try

It’s all a lie
Please don’t leave
I’m in love with you too
As much as I’m pushing you away
I loved you from the start

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: music bugs]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please take out with full credit

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