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I love this simple performance 🙂

“2PM’s Junho has released his first solo “best album,” titled “One,” on September 14 KST.

“One” is a compilation album of a selection of songs from his Japanese albums “So Good,” “Kimi no Koe,” and “Feel,” transformed into Korean-language versions. Junho contributed to the composition and lyrical writing of the title track, “Fire,” one of the 11 total songs in the album. Other songs in the album are “Don’t Tease Me,” “Believe,” and “Crush.”

Music videos were also released for “Fire” and “So Good,” and both music videos were filmed in Hawaii. In the music video for “Fire,” Junho is seen strolling the beaches of Hawaii on a date, stealing the hearts of many fans. In the music video for “So Good,” Junho can be seen enjoying a day out surfing with his friends, showcasing his charm as a young boy.

Meanwhile, on September 19 and 20, Junho will be performing his solo concert, “Last Night in Seoul,” at the Seoul Olympic Hall.”

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Track. Song Title Artist
1. Fire Junho of 2PM
2. SO GOOD Junho of 2PM
3. Don`t Tease Me Junho of 2PM
4. 집에 가지마 Junho of 2PM
5. 눈을 감고 Junho of 2PM
6. Like a Star Junho of 2PM
7. CRUSH Junho of 2PM
8. INSANE Junho of 2PM
9. GOOD LIFE 4 ME Junho of 2PM
10. Pressure Junho of 2PM
11. Believe Junho of 2PM

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