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“Ryeowook of the boy band Super Junior is set to release his first solo album in 11 years.
“The Little Prince” is a ballad collection inspired by the French novel of the same name. Ryeowook is the second Super Junior member to fly solo after Kyuhun, who released his first solo album in 2014.
“Had Kyuhun not done so well, I would have been more overwhelmed,” the main vocalist of the 12-member act told reporters in Seoul on Monday. “Kyuhun told me he really likes my music, so I hope that’s a good sign.”

The title track “The Little Prince” starts with no accompaniment and slowly boils to a climax. The lyrics are a dialogue between a man and the narrator in the namesake novel.
“People You May Know” describes the feelings of a person who encounters his ex in a list of friends suggested by a social networking service.
Ryeowook also helped write the lyrics of “POOM,” which is dedicated to his mother. “I am so different from how I was when I was little. I know I’m still a child to my mother, but I’m sorry I’m not as affectionate as I used to be,” he said. “I tried to express that in the lyrics.”

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No. Song Title Artist
1. Like a Star 려욱
2. 어린왕자
(The Little Prince)
3. 그대
4. 알 수도 있는 사람
(People You May Know)
5. Foxy Girl 려욱 ft. 딘딘
Ryeowook ft. Din Din

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