MC Mong (엠씨몽) – 7th Album ‘U.F.O’ [Full Tracklist/Lyrics]


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He’s back.
No, He’s back, only brighter.
The 7th album has MCmong’s message in his unique gestures and expression.
The 6th album that took five years to come out, called “Miss me or Diss me” went on the chart and MCmong’s matured singing as a singer was recognized by many. And in two years, he has come back with his 7th album, ‘U.F.O'” – 1thek

Thank you for coming back Mongie. I am always with you, no matter what people say. Close your eyes, and spread your wings.

MC Mong 7th Album ‘U.F.O’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 블랙홀
Black Hole
MC몽 ft. 에일리
MC Mong ft. Ailee
2. 널 너무 사랑해서
Visual Gangster
MC몽 ft. 정은지 of 에이핑크
MC Mong ft. Jeong Eunji of APink
3. 눈물
MC몽 ft. 다린
MC Mong ft. Darin of Highcolor
4. 초콜릿같은 입술 한 숟가락만 줘요
Let Me Taste Your Chocolate Flavoured Lips
MC몽 ft. 이바다
MC Mong ft. Lee Bada
5. And you MC몽 ft. 찬미, 뉴아
MC Mong ft. Chan Mi, New Ah
MC몽 ft. 김태우
MC Mong ft. Kim Tae Woo
7. 케미
MC몽 ft. 은하 of 여자친구
MC Mong ft. Eunha of GFRIEND
8. U.F.O MC몽 ft. 수란, 우태운, 페노메코
MC Mong ft. Suran, Woo Tae Woon, Penomeco
9. 아무것도 못하겠어
I Can’t Do Everything
MC몽 ft. 베비론
MC Mong ft. Babylon
10. Show’s just begun (TAK Mashup) MC몽
MC Mong
11. 새벽에 띠리링
Ringing Ringing At Dawn
MC몽 ft. 박보람
MC Mong ft. Park Bo Ram
12. 블랙홀 (Inst.)
Black Hole (Inst.)
MC Mong
13. 널 너무 사랑해서 (Inst.)
Visual Gangster (Inst.)
MC Mong

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