“KYUHYUN’s 3rd mini album “너를 기다린다 (Waiting, Still)” has been released.
The album has two title tracks, “블라블라 (Blah Blah)” and “여전히 아늑해 (Still)” and “블라블라 (Blah Blah)”, produced by Yoon Jong Shin and “여전히 아늑해 (Still)”, produced by Sung Si Kyung, are both ballad songs that would perfectly fit the autumn atmosphere! Enjoy the music video of “여전히 아늑해 (Still)” and send lots of love and supports to KYUHYUN!” – smtown

[Kyuhyun’s Message while filming MV ^^]

[MV Teaser] Blah Blah

[MV Teaser] Still

[Official MV] Blah Blah

[Official MV] Still

The man of Fall is back with seven autumn pieces. Such a calm album.. I love the concept. Fall and Kyuhyun can never go wrong. Really appreciate his thought to release another solo album in Fall. Is he going to make this annually? or perhaps we can see Spring solo album too next year? Hehehe The teaser images are too beautiful to ignore. Beautiful shots, beautiful place and oh man, it’s Kyuhyun. ❤

I wrote this last year.. and somehow, I still have the same sentiment! The man of Autumn is back with 7 wonderful tracks. Apparently he IS doing this annually 🙂 What I feel right now is exactly the same as last year. EXACTLY. I foresee my feeling for next album will be the same. :-p The images are very beautiful.. Always.. Let me bring you to indulge in Kyu’s aesthetic look ❤

Kyu’s images are a lot simpler this year compared to previous 2 album. But he still remains his vintage look. Beautiful evil maknae.

Kyuhyun 3rd Mini Album ‘Waiting, Fall’
[Full Tracklist]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 블라블라 (Prod. by 윤종신)
Blah Blah (Prod. by Yoon Jong Shin)
2. 조용히 안녕
Last Goodbye
3. 여전히 아늑해 (Prod. by 성시경)
Still (Prod. by Sung Si Kyung)
4. 네 안의 가을
Fall In You
5. 시절인연
Love In Time
6. 마음세탁소
When With Me
7. 그리고 우리
And We

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