JONGHYUN (종현) – 2nd Album ‘Poet | Artist’ [Full Tracklist]

“S.M. Entertainment confirmed in early December 2017 that Jonghyun would return with a solo album in January 2018. At Jonghyun’s Inspired concerts, which took place on December 9-10, 2017, his teleprompter included an announcement for his January 2018 solo comeback, but he had ignored it at the time. The album was teased during the concerts, where he performed “Take The Dive”, “I’m So Curious”, “Only One You Need”, the latter of which was about comforting others after the loss of a loved one. “#Hashtag” and “Rewind” were featured as two of the concert’s intermission videos.

The album and promotional music video had been completed before Jonghyun’s death on December 18, 2017. On January 19, 2018, SM Entertainment announced the title of the album, Poet Artist, and that it would release posthumously on January 23, 2018, with all proceeds made from the album going to Jonghyun’s mother to create a foundation for people living under difficult circumstances. The title track for the album is “Shinin'” and the music video released on January 23, 2018. The music video for “Before Our Spring” will be released on the following day, January 24, 2018.”

A star that shines brightly on stage 🌟
The second and final studio album from Jonghyun. You’ve worked hard..
We will always keep you in our hearts ❤

Jonghyun – 2nd Album ‘Poet | Artist’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 빛이 나 (Shinin`) JONGHYUN
2. 환상통 (Only One You Need) JONGHYUN
3. 와플 (#Hashtag) JONGHYUN
4. 기름때 (Grease) JONGHYUN
5. Take The Dive JONGHYUN
6. 사람 구경 중 (Sightseeing) JONGHYUN
7. Rewind JONGHYUN
8. 하루만이라도 (Just for a day) JONGHYUN
9. 어떤 기분이 들까 (I`m So Curious) JONGHYUN
10. Sentimental JONGHYUN
11. 우린 봄이 오기 전에 (Before Our Spring) JONGHYUN

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