THE UNIT (더 유닛) – Road to Music Bank and Fanmeet!

It’s D-Day! The Unit boys and girls will be taking the stage on Music Bank today. This is their first official appearances as the final members at Music Bank. They will perform their songs from The Unit’s finale — Ting, You & I, Dancing With The Devil and Pull Me. I remember watching All Day team performed on MuBank before.. It was quite thrilling cos I know some of them didn’t have much opportunity to do that with their original group. Gotta tune in to KBS World this evening!

On the day of the Music Bank announcement, The Unit also announced that there will still be fanmeetings on March 3!

Okay let’s rewind back to a few days before.. As many already know, the plan was to have a fanmeet at Gocheok Sky Dome — also means a large scale show. But on Feb 19, the day that was supposed to be a ticketing day, The Unit took to twitter and instagram to announce a statement as following:

“Hello. The planned fan meeting at the Gocheok Sky Dome for March 3 at 7 p.m. has undergone a change in plans, so the ticket sale today has been canceled. We planned to have a fan meeting to repay the love that Unit Makers have shown us, but the short time period between the reveal of the final member lineup and the fan meeting, as well as our plans for an official April debut, made it difficult for us to hold the fan meeting at the time we’d originally scheduled.

We will announce the new schedule as soon as possible and promise to show a higher level of quality to Unit Makers in exchange for this delay. We sincerely apologize for the wait. Thank you.”

Surprisingly I am 100% okay with this decision because I know it takes a lot of work to do a large scale show with thousands of seats that we don’t know if it will be fully occupied or not. So I kinda praise them for taking a safe move. At first I thought they will postpone the fanmeet until after they debut but another surprise came just 2 days after, when The Unit announced that they will hold the fanmeet as planned!

More posters here!

So they are keeping the promise with fans but instead of a concert-like fanmeet, it’ll be in small scale in a smaller venue, more personal, ‘eye contact’ kinda fanmeet to engage with fans. Also, it will be a separate fanmeet! Unit G will start first at 4pm and followed by Unit B at 8pm.

Date: 2018.03.03

Venue: Bluesquare IMarket Hall

Ticket will be sold on February 26 at 8pm kst!

Many fans assumed that The Unit did this because they are afraid if the Dome too big for the members — I can relate this. But whatever the reason is, I am fine. Considering what they said in the statement, I don’t want them to rush things up just because they have promise us. Better late than just do half-heartedly. So when they announced the smaller scale fanmeet, ouh how happy I am to hear that! It is more realistic, and organize. We can have the concert-like show later after debut. 🙂

Looking forward to it!! Today, let’s focus on Music Bank first. Yoshhh

The boys and girls made an appearance at KBS today in the morning — as what fans call ‘go to work’. hehe

“popular handsome college senior”

More UNIT B photos here!

“After a while, UNIT G’s stage on Music Bank❤ They’ll be the 13th performer! Everyone please tune in to You & I and Ting😊” 

“After a while, UNIT B’s stage on Music Bank❤ They’ll be the 19th performer! Everyone please tune in to Dancing With The Devil and Pull Me😊”

Good luck boys and girls!

Before I end my rambling, I just want to add a bonus info. For the week of Feb 5-11, THE UNIT has top the CPI (Content Power Index) rankings! They scored 240.7 points. This is must’ve due to final episode aired on Feb 10. I am sooo happy to hear this. I know THE UNIT is not as popular as other survival reality shows and the ranking is not as high as it deserve to be and I know this is just a short time record.. But with this little recognition, I feel like I’ve did it. We’ve did it! Raise up THE UNIT! I’ll protect you boys and girls with all my heart.

the sleepless lady


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