THE UNIT (더 유닛) – Music Bank First Official Appearance!

Friday, 23rd February 2018… The day I waited the most. I woke up pretty early so I can do chores and stuff before I’m ‘busy’ — I want to watch Music Bank on the evening. But things didn’t turned out well. It was raining heavily with thunder and lightning so my cable failed to work properly. “Service currently unavailable” — also means I can’t watch KBS World on TV until the rain subsided. But it was too late already.. I missed the show and it takes forever for KBS to upload the clips on Youtube. The moment I’m writing this, they just uploaded it! It took a few hours for them to do it lol it’s okay I’m a kind person I won’t complaint. *cough* :p

So! The girls started earlier with Ting and You & I but I’m going to write about the boys first. They started with ‘Raise Me Up’ (apparently this is the english title for 끌어줘 but literally it means ‘Pull Me’). The teaser for fanmeet were put in as an introduction. 🙂 Oh speaking about the teaser! It’s already came out! They look so cool and beautiful. All of them!! ❤

Okay back to Music Bank’s performances. ehe


We have 7 original members for this song! So the distribution is not hard. Basically Hansol and Jun replaced Dongmyung and Lee Geon respectively. Thank goodness both are perfect replacement for Dolmaengi and Geonie’s position. I missed them though… ㅠㅠ


I have so much to say for this performance. Firstly, I can’t believe I feel sad when I see them perform. I mean, I said this on twitter and tumblr, that Jeup and Rockhyun’s presence are too big for this song! Their vocals are so strong — it rings in your ears and it’s hard to shift their voice with someone elses voice. I couldn’t digest this rendition and I need time to get used to it. At time like this, I really do miss our vocalist. I’m not saying Chan didn’t do a good job — it’s just me. I listen to this song EVERYDAY EVERYWHERE EVERYTIME. Jeup and Rockhyun puts their spell in my ears so I need time to let it fade.

Secondly, I have a confession to make. I love this song for its music — and Jun’s rap in the middle with that ‘come on’ at the end. I love it so much that I always repeat the rap. and I only have one wish — no change in Jun’s rap part. BUT asdfghjkl our multi-talented Junie is no longer a rapper in this song. Why Jun, why!! *emo*

Okay I’m done crying. Let’s calm down. *inhale exhale* I’m sorry Marco and Feeldog… You guys did well though. It’s just me with my rant. haha I understand, having only 2 original members means you have to basically change whole line distribution and without many vocalist, our multi-talented boy has to step up and assist Chan. Okay I’m calm down now. Jun did a great job replacing Jeup’s position. He slays that high note part although a bit shaky near the end (due to out of breath perhaps) but he did so well. I’m proud with him.

Let’s continue with my third point. I have another confession to make. It took me five times to digest this performance. Yes. five times! I can now accept that this is our new team for Dancing with the Devil. The final team. This is it. Them! Jun and Chan is our Jeup and Rockhyun. Yes. They are. Marco and Feeldog took over Jun’s rap position. Yes! So whatever I said above is now became history. In fact, when I watch this for the sixth time, I feel like a proud mama. When the camera zoom in on Hojung’s face, I let out a silence scream and smiling like an idiot throughout the performance. I’m as easy as that! hahaha 😀

Everyone did so well with their parts. Euijin is the starter for both songs! and Jun’s super multi-level talent as a vocalist is now needed to save the troop. Thank goodness for that. Our cutie Chanie is not alone. For me, Chan is a great vocalist but his tone is not as strong as Jeup, Rockhyun or even Lee Geon. His tone is a bit gentle and smooth, like.. very kind for a powerful song. It’s not his fault and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s perfect for a soft, ballad kinda song but for a powerful song, I believe he can do more than that. His voice can be bigger and powerful. He can hit more high notes if he stops restraining his voice! Go cutie maknae! This boy can melt my heart if he sings a romantic song. Dayyum.

wow that is quite long.. it’s just me being excited. It’s getting late so I will share my 2 cents about the girls’ performance tomorrow! 🙂



I promise to write about the girls’ performance today but I had a long pause just now… What can I say! It seems like they are meant to be with each other. Perfect. I mean, in all honesty, I am 100% satisfied with Unit G final line up. They have fair position — vocalist, rapper, dancer.. I’m happy with their performance. I still remember NC.A said she was lonely as a soloist. I’m glad she is with Unit G. Now she has teammate to share the memories. I guess I don’t have that much thing to say! I just smile throughout their performances — looking at their pretty faces, sweet and bubbly. The girls can slay different genre. Looking forward on more cool concept for them. They deserve more than just cute-style concept. ❤

Meanwhile, knock me on twitter or here, I would love to hear your opinion too! 🙂

the sleepless lady


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