UNB (유앤비) – The 1st Mini Album ‘BOYHOOD’ [Full Tracklist/Lyrics]

[‘감각’ Teaser]

[‘Only One’ Fanservice Special Teaser]

[Album Trailer #Kijung]

[Album Trailer #JiHansol]

[Fanservice D-1 Official Teaser]

[Album Trailer #Daewon]

[Album Trailer #Marco]

[Official Main Teaser]

[Album Trailer #Feeldog]

[Album Trailer #Euijin]

[Album Trailer #KoHojung]

[Fanservice Special Teaser #2]

[Album Trailer #Jun]

[Album Trailer #Chan]

[Official Main Teaser 2]

[Teaser Collection]

[Album Highlight Medley]

[Official MV] Feeling/Senses

[Official MV] Only One

[‘Feeling’ Dance Practice]

[Official MV] ‘Feeling/Senses’ Special Performance Ver.

My boys finally debut I’m compiling this while overwhelming with my own emotions I am so happy sobs. Congrats UNB!!! The cover album is so pretty though!!❤

I love love love love love Only One. Ya know how to make me cry? Just make me listen to Only One and I’ll instantly sobs. 😥 I am that easy and that sensitive. Only One is legit number one among my fav song in 2018. Although it’s only May. Yes I write this on May. Didn’t I tell you I’m lazy? But I never sleep on UNB. I just sleep on myself lmao. Anyway, UNB is the best thing that ever happen to me kpop wise. I love them so much with all my heart and this Boyhood era is too precious I’ll never forget this experience — where I lack sleep cause I’m busy making gif and watching their videos — they gave us content everyday. They never ever run out of content and I suffered because of that. But I’m still happy. hehe. I wanted to write this on a separate post but I know I won’t be able to stop cause I have 1001 things to talk about when it comes to UNB. I’ll stop here. I hope YOU!!! Who come here to check on em, to check on their tracklist will enjoy the songs. Thank you for stopping by. It means you’re interested in them or their songs or both — also means you heard about them. I appreciate that. Thank you 🙂

UNB 1st Mini Album ‘BOYHOOD’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 감각
2.  Only One UNB
3. Ride With Me UNB
4. 믿어줘 (Rebooting) UNB
5. 감각 (Inst.) UNB
6. Only One (Inst.) UNB

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
Please take out with full credit


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