Are You Human? (너도 인간이니?) Special OST [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics]

Lyrics for this OST is yet to be completed. I’ll finish it soon ;~;

Are You Human? OST Special
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CD 1

No. Song Title Artist
1. 사랑인걸까?
Is It Love?
2. LOVE 린, 한해
LYn, Hanhae
3. 너, 누구니?
Who Are You?
Red Hair Ann
4. The Longing Dance 임지은
Im Ji Eun
5. Heart 투빅
6. 말해줘요
Tell Me
Kim Na Young
7. For The First Time 길구봉구
Gilgu Bonggu
8. 눈을 맞추면 (Drama ver.)
When We Meet Eyes (Drama ver.)
용주, 예지
Yongzu, Yezi
9. Milagro 임지은
Im Ji Eun
10. Why Do We 디미너
11. You Are My Love 서강준
Seo Kang Joon

CD 2

No. Song Title Artist
1. R U Human Various Artists
2. Conspiracy Various Artists
3. A.I Various Artists
4. Signal Various Artists
5. Impossible Various Artists
6. Bulgar Man Various Artists
7. I’m Human (CD Only) Various Artists
8. Truth Various Artists
9. Peaceful Various Artists
10. Don’t Believe Various Artists
11. Carry On Various Artists
12. LoL Various Artists
13. For The First Time (Orchestra ver.) Various Artists
14. Break Down Various Artists
15. Fighter Various Artists
16. I Know You Various Artists
17. Heart Break Various Artists
18. Close Various Artists
19. R U Sure? Various Artists
20. A.I To Human Various Artists
21. Beyond Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
Please take out with full credit


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