Hey UNMe! As you all know, in Fancon DVD, they included two new tracks — 문득 (Suddenly) and 이상해 (Strange). I have romanized both songs. But I strictly made it available privately. Why? Because this song is avaible ONLY in the cd inside the Fancon DVD package. The DVD is limited for only around 4000 copies. The price is not cheap too. Apparently my conscience find it rude to share the content publicly. Be it the fancon content, photobook, songs and even lyrics. I will made the lyrics public after some times. Probably next year or if the members themselves reveal the song to the public.

But sharing is caring ayy. I know not all UNMe can afford the DVD and i know there are many UNMe who have the audios but doesn’t know how to read hangul. How to karaoke?! Nuuuuu I feel you. So if you want to have access to the romanization, please DM me on twitter and I’ll give you the password. But strictly for your eyes only. 🙂

aliana ♡