SE O (세오) – 아주 먼 훗날 (A Long Way From Now) [Lyrics]

[The Crowned Clown OST – Part 8] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | iTunes |
작사/작곡: 세오, 박세준 | 편곡: 세오
Lyricists/Composers: SE O, Park Se Joon | Arranger: SE O


gipeojin bame pi.eonan kkot
amudo moreul sarangcheoreom
meolgeman neukkyeojin keu gil wie
ijeya keudaega bichinda

dagaganda jogeumssik
meoreojinda tto dasi

aju meon hutnal keudae.ege
jeonhaejul mari kkok isseoyo
keudae modeun georeumgwa mangseorimdo
naegen kkumi.eotdaneun geol

keudaeneun i sun.ganman ki.eokhae
dareun geon ijeoyo
keudae modeun misowa nunmulkkaji
naegen kkumi.eotdaneun geol


깊어진 밤에 피어난 꽃
아무도 모를 사랑처럼
멀게만 느껴진 그 길 위에
이제야 그대가 비친다

다가간다 조금씩
멀어진다 또다시

아주 먼 훗날 그대에게
전해줄 말이 꼭 있어요
그대 모든 걸음과 망설임도
내겐 꿈이었다는 걸

그대는 이 순간만 기억해
다른 건 잊어요
그대 모든 미소와 눈물까지
내겐 꿈이었다는 걸


A flower blossomed deep in the night
Like a secret love
On the road that felt so far
Finally, you are reflected

I’m slowly going
But you’re getting farther away again

A long time from now
I have something to tell you
All of your footsteps, all of your hesitations
They were all a dream to me

Just remember this moment
Forget everything else
All of your smiles, all of your tears
They were all a dream to me

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: melOn]
[Translated by: popgasa]

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