Park Bo Ram (박보람) – 왼손끝에 (Left Hand) [Lyrics]

[Touch Your Heart OST – Part 6] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
Lyricists/Composers/Arrangers: Lee Jong Soo, Na Byeong Soo


ajik naui woenson kkeute
nama itneun keudae on.giga
nae woenjjok gaseumeul gamssago itjyo

chama woenson kkeutjarage
nama itneun keudae oreunson
nwajul su eopdago
tteollineun sonkkeut kkok jabgoseo

ajik tteonaji mayo soneul nohji marayo
gwitga.e ullineun keu norae
meomchuji mayo ajik jeonhaji mothan
mari nama isseoyo

woenson kkeute dahatdeon jageun keudae.ui soneul
nohajugieneun na ajik
seororeul an.go barabwa judeon nuneul
ijeul suga eopseoyo

jogeum chagaun baram neomeo
ttara georeotdeon keunare
jageun keudae.ui sone mollae budithideon
woenson kkeute

bada boineun keu geori
meonjeo paljjangeul kkyeojudeon
nae woenjjok pal saie nama itneun
uri sigan

ajik tteonaji mayo soneul nohji marayo
jigeum seoro nohgien ajik
yeppeun keudaega naege utgo isseoyo

keudae soneul jabgoseo yaegihago sipeoyo
ajik dahji mothan geot gateun
nae woenjjok gaseume gipi saegyeojyeo itneun
keudae.ege sseun ma.eumeul

nae soneul jaba jwoyo


아직 나의 왼손 끝에
남아 있는 그대 온기가
내 왼쪽 가슴을 감싸고 있죠

차마 왼손 끝자락에
남아 있는 그대 오른손
놔줄 수 없다고
떨리는 손끝 꼭 잡고서

아직 떠나지 마요 손을 놓지 말아요
귓가에 울리는 그 노래
멈추지 마요 아직 전하지 못한
말이 남아 있어요

왼손 끝에 닿았던 작은 그대의 손을
놓아주기에는 나 아직
서로를 안고 바라봐 주던 눈을
잊을 수가 없어요

조금 차가운 바람 너머
따라 걸었던 그날에
작은 그대의 손에 몰래 부딪히던
왼손 끝에

바다 보이는 그 거리
먼저 팔짱을 껴주던
내 왼쪽 팔 사이에 남아 있는
우리 시간

아직 떠나지 마요 손을 놓지 말아요
지금 서로 놓기엔 아직
예쁜 그대가 내게 웃고 있어요

그대 손을 잡고서 얘기하고 싶어요
아직 닿지 못한 것 같은
내 왼쪽 가슴에 깊이 새겨져 있는
그대에게 쓴 마음을

내 손을 잡아 줘요


Your warmth still remains
At the tip of my left hand
It’s wrapping around the left side of my heart
Just like then

When I couldn’t let go
Of your right hand
That was hanging by my left pinky
So I held onto your trembling hand

Don’t leave yet, don’t let go
That song is playing in my ears
Don’t stop, there’s still so much
I haven’t told you yet

I can’t let go
Of your small hand that touched my left hand
When we looked into each other’s eyes
I can’t forget that moment

Along with the cold wind
We walked on that day
And my left hand secretly
Brushed against your small hand

On the street with the ocean view
You linked your arms with me first
In between my left arm
Our time remains

Don’t leave yet, don’t let go
The beautiful you is smiling at me
So we can’t let go yet

I want to hold your hand and tell you
The feelings I wrote to you
Engraved deep in the left side of my heart
That hasn’t reached you yet

Hold my hand

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: melOn]
[Translated by: popgasa]

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