Romance Is A Bonus Book (로맨스는 별책부록) [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics]

Romance is a Bonus Book OST
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CD 1

No. Song Title Artist
1. 나는 볼 수 없던 이야기
A Story I Couldn’t See / Take My Hand
2. 레인보우
3. 그대만 떠올라
All I Do
Roy Kim
4. I Pray 모트
5. 어떤 날
The Black Skirts
6. 너라는 책
Your Book / You’re My Highlight
Son Ho Young
7. 너의 모든 기억속에
Close I’ll Be
Kim Na Young
8. Happy End 사야, 김기원
SAya, Kim Ki Won
9. You’re Beautiful 윌벅
Will Bug
10. Walking On Sunshine 사야
11. 멋지게 파워댄스
Power Dance
Kim Ki Won
12. Happy End (English Ver.) 이혜민
Lee Hye Min
13. Walking On Sunshine (English Ver.) 이혜민
Lee Hye Min

CD 2

No. Song Title Artist
1. 로맨스는 별책부록 Title
Romance is a Bonus Book Title
Various Artists
2. 은호의 휘파람 1
Eun Ho’s Whistle 1
Various Artists
3. 따뜻한 책한권
Book of Warm-hearted
Various Artists
4. 단이와 은호 이야기
Story of Dani and Eunho
Various Artists
5. The Romance Various Artists
6. 내신발은 어디로
Where Did My Shoe Walk To
Various Artists
7. 단이의 방
Dani’s Room
Various Artists
8. 오늘도 파이팅
Let’s Cheer Up
Various Artists
9. 재밌는 출판사 “겨루”
Entertaining Publisher “Gyeoroo”
Various Artists
10. 날아라 강단이
Fly High Dani
Various Artists
11. 눈이 오던 날 우리는
The Day It Snowed, We
Various Artists
12. 귀여운 연인들
Cutie Lovers
Various Artists
13. 은호의 휘파람 2
Eun Ho’s Whistle 2
Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
Please take out with full credit


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