BTS (방탄소년단) – BTS WORLD OST [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics]

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No. Song Title Artist
1. Heartbeat 방탄소년단
2. Dream Glow 방탄소년단
BTS & Charli XCX
3. A Brand New Day 방탄소년단
BTS & Zara Larsson
4. All Night 방탄소년단
BTS & Juice WRLD
5. Captain (남준 테마)
Captain (Namjoon Theme)
Various Artists
6. Cake Waltz (지민 테마)
Cake Waltz (Jimin Theme)
Various Artists
7. Shine (윤기 테마)
Shine (Yoongi Theme)
Various Artists
8. Not Alone (정국 테마)
Not Alone (Jungkook Theme)
Various Artists
9. Friends (호석 테마)
Friends (Hoseok Theme)
Various Artists
10. Wish (석진 테마)
Wish (Seokjin Theme)
Various Artists
11. Flying (태형 테마)
Flying (Taehyung Theme)
Various Artists
12. 라라라 (Digital Only)
Rooftop Moonlight
13. 니가 있어 (Digital Only) 이현
Lee Hyun
14. 니가 있어 (Orchestra Ver.) (Inst.) (Digital Only) 이현
Lee Hyun

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