A Piece of Your Mind OST (반의반 OST) [Full Tracklist/Lyrics]

[반의반 OST]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Slowly Fall 하현상
Ha Hyun Sang
2. Rain or Shine 일레인
3. 너라고 생각해
Think It’s You
Jung Joon Il
4. 함께 발을 맞춰 거닐던
Who I Strolled With
Poetic Narrator
5. Be Your Moon Lasse Lindh
6. Feel It Slowly (Opening Title) Jake Tavill
7. 따로 또 같이 우리 (하원과 서우 theme)
Together Again (Hawon and Seowoo Theme)
Various Artists
8. 미시령 노을 (Feat. 인욱)
Misiryung Sunset (ft. In Wook)
Various Artists
9. 있어줘
Be There
Various Artists
10. 순호와 화분
Sunho and the Pots
Various Artists
11. 엇갈림
Various Artists
12. 너는 나의 이유
You’re My Reason
Various Artists
13. 있어줄게요
Will Be With You
Various Artists
14. Je Te Veux 변주곡
Variations on Je Te Veux
Various Artists
15. 첫사랑
First Love
Various Artists
16. 가로등
Street Lamp
Various Artists
17. 봄바람처럼
Like Spring Wind
Various Artists
18. 새벽님과 녹음실
Mr. Dawn and Recording Studio
Various Artists
19. 서우와 은주
Seowoo and Eunjoo
Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
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