VERIVERY (베리베리) – 5th Mini Album ‘FACE US’ [Full Tracklist]

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“The third episode of 2020 VERIERY ‘FACE it’ series, [FACE US] has arrived with the story of a whole new world, created by ‘us’ who are built with the connection between ‘me’ and ‘you.’

The hope of ‘Us’, the story of a square [FACE US]

The imprudent connections and countless attempts to face ‘you’ and ‘me’, feeling isolated from constant communication, have finally reached a hope of ‘us’. Reconstituted in VERIVERY’s own method, the world does not have pretense, alienation, and severance, and everyone’s identity distinctly exists; through solid connections and understanding, the world has finally arrived at a square, which is formed of creative destruction.

As this album [FACE US] is the third episode of the ‘FACE it’ series, VERIVERY will demonstrate the high quality-music and performances. It will draw everyone’s attention by illustrating various changes in music, choreography, and style to correspond to a message of ‘Our own new world.’”

[‘Face It’ Series 3rd Episode Album]
VERIVERY 5th Mini Album ‘FACE US’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. G.B.T.B. VERIVERY (베리베리)
3. Hold me tight VERIVERY (베리베리)
4. Get Outta My Way VERIVERY (베리베리)
5. 소중력 (So Gravity) VERIVERY (베리베리)
6.  Thank you, NEXT? (CD Only) VERIVERY (베리베리)

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©navermusic
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