MINO (송민호) – The 2nd Album ‘TAKE’ [Full Tracklist]

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MINO 2nd Full Album ‘TAKE’
| Lyrics |
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Love and a boy MINO
2. 도망가
Run Away
3. Ok man MINO ft. BOBBY
(송민호 ft. 바비)
4. Wa MINO ft. Zion.T
(송민호 ft. 자이언티)
5. 하고싶어
I Want To
MINO ft. meenoi
6. Daylight MINO
7. 어부바
Hop In
8. 펑!
9. Click / Han river view MINO
10. 교보문고
Book Store
MINO ft. BewhY
(송민호 ft. 비와이)
11. Sunrise MINO
12. 이유 없는 상실감에 대하여
Lost in a Crowd

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©navermusic
Please take out with full credit

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