Janet Suhh (자넷서) ft. Kim Kyung Hee (김경희) – Where Do I Go? [Lovestruck In The City OST Part 7]

[도시남녀의 사랑법 OST Part 7]
작사: 남혜승, Jello Ann | 작곡/편곡: 남혜승, 박상희
Lyricists: Nam Hye Seung, Jello Ann | Composers/Arrangers: Nam Hye Seung, Park Sang Hee

I’ll be okay
Just say hello
I’m here again
With no one else

Where do I belong
Just little hint
Take me home
I’m lost here

How did I end
Up here again
Where do I go

I don’t know how
I’m lost here again
Where do I go

Please let me know

And thousand ways to go
I don’t know
I’ve been here too long
Where should I start now
I’m scared of being
Here for too long
Can someone come and show me

Please say that
Find the way

Maybe go back
Where all begun
To find home

[Lyrics by: melOn]
Please Take Out With Full Credit

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