Yoon Do Hyun (윤도현) – 귀로 (Way Home) [Taxi Driver OST Part 7]

[모범택시 OST Part 7]
작사: 이주엽 | 작곡: 손성제 | 편곡: 전창엽, 윤진효
Lyricist: Lee Joo Yeob | Composer: Son Seong Je | Arrangers: Jeon Chang Yeob, Yoon Jin Hyo


eorin kkumi noldeon deulpaneul jina
ajirangi pideon dongsaneul neomeo
na keuriun goseuro doragane
meolli dolgo dora keugose
dambyeorage kidae uldeon jageun ai
eoneu shigan soge sumeobeoryeotneunji
na keugose joyonghi doraga
keu eorin kkumeul mannaryeona
mujigaega tteuneun eondeogeul chaja
neolbeun sesang meolli hemae danyeotne
keu mujigae eodiro sarajigo
nopdeon haeneun giureogane
saeteolgureum meomun paran haneul arae
pureun sumeul swimyeo cheoncheonhi georeoseo
na keuriun keugose gandane
meon gireul dora cheoumeuro


어린 꿈이 놀던 들판을 지나
아지랑이 피던 동산을 넘어
나 그리운 곳으로 돌아가네
멀리 돌고 돌아 그곳에
담벼락에 기대 울던 작은 아이
어느 시간 속에 숨어버렸는지
나 그곳에 조용히 돌아가
그 어린 꿈을 만나려나
무지개가 뜨는 언덕을 찾아
넓은 세상 멀리 헤매 다녔네
그 무지개 어디로 사라지고
높던 해는 기울어가네
새털구름 머문 파란 하늘 아래
푸른 숨을 쉬며 천천히 걸어서
나 그리운 그곳에 간다네
먼 길을 돌아 처음으로


Past the field where my young dreams played
Past the mountain where the heat blossomed
I’m going back to the place I longed for
It was a far journey to get to that place
The small child who leaned on the wall and cried
Has hidden inside time
I’m going back to that quiet place
To meet that young dream
I was looking for the hill with the rainbow
Wandering all around the big world
But the rainbow disappeared somewhere
And the sun that used to be high is now tilting
Under the blue sky with the cotton clouds
With green breath and slow steps
I’m going back to the place I longed for
Through the far journey, back to the beginning

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyrics by: melOn]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please Take Out With Full Credit

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