You Are My Spring OST (너는 나의 봄) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[너는 나의 봄 OST]
| Lyrics |

No. Song Title Artist
1. In ruin Raiden
2. 난 너여서
Because It’s You
설호승 (SURL)
Seol Hoseung (SURL)
3. Still Wonder 하현상 (Ha Hyun Sang)
4. 나비가 날았습니다
A Butterfly Flew Away
김민석 (멜로망스)
Kim Min Seok (MeloMance)
5. 낙화 (落花)
Falling Flower
Yang Da Il
6. Me So Bad 요아리 (YOARI)
7. 다정한 봄에게
Dear My Spring
온유 (ONEW)
8. Cliche 권순관 (Kwon Soon Kwan)
9. 낙화 (다정이 Ver.)
Falling Flower (Dajung Ver.)
Seo Hyun Jin
10. 다정한 봄에게 (Piano Ver.)
Dear My Spring (Piano Ver.)
Various Artists
11. 나의 봄
My Spring
Various Artists
12. 비밀
Various Artists
13. 소녀의 꿈
A Girl’s Dream
Various Artists
14. 검은 고양이
Black Cat
Various Artists
15. CAN’T STOP Various Artists
16. 그대와 함께
With You
Various Artists
17. 못 말리는 여신
An Unstoppable Goddess
Various Artists
18. 인연
Meant To Be
Various Artists
19. 치유
Various Artists
20. 다시 찾아온 계절
Revisiting The Season
Various Artists
21. 파도의 노래
Song of the Sea
Various Artists
22. 진실
The Truth
Various Artists
23. 벽 뒤의 눈동자
Eyes Behind The Wall
Various Artists
24. 촛불
Various Artists
25. 치밀한 유혹
Meticulous Temptation
Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
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