Squid Game OST (오징어게임) [Full Tracklist]

[오징어게임 OST]

No. Song Title Artist
1. Way Back then 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
2. Round I 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
3. The Rope is Tied 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
4. Pink Soldiers 23
5. Hostage Crisis 23
6.  I Remember My Name 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
7. Unfolded… 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
8. Needles and Dalgona 박민주 (Park Min Joo)
9. The Fat and the Rats 박민주 (Park Min Joo)
10. It Hurts So Bad 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
11. Delivery 23
12. Dead End 23
13. Round VI 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
14. Wife, Husband and 4.56 Billion 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
15. Murder Without Violence 박민주 (Park Min Joo)
16. Slaughterhouse III 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
17. Owe 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
18. Uh… 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
19. Dawn 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)
20. Let’s Go Out Tonight 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©MelOn
Please take out with full credit

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