HENRY (헨리) ft. Park Jin Woo (박진우) – Harmony of Leaves [Jirisan OST Part 12]

[지리산 OST Part 12]
작곡: 개미, 레토 | 편곡: 박정환, 레토
Composers: Gaemi, Leto | Arrangers: Park Jung Hwan, Leto

Harmony of Leaves is a song where you can feel the energy and vitality of Jirisan Mountain, where everything is alive in harmony. Henry’s violin melody, which is played smoothly as if it embodies the elegant gesture of grass swaying in the gentle breeze, stands out, and blends with the cheerful rhythm of the piano, naturally reminiscent of fresh green. No voice, no lyrics, only a beautiful piece of instrumental specially released as part of the main line up, as the drama Jirisan coming to an end.


2 Replies to “HENRY (헨리) ft. Park Jin Woo (박진우) – Harmony of Leaves [Jirisan OST Part 12]”

  1. Hi, indeed such an incredibly masterpiece, and I would like to ask you if you have the piano sheet of this song I´d like to play this beautiful song with my piano


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