IU (아이유) 6th Mini Album ‘Pieces’ [Full Tracklist]

“The pieces in between my twenties that were never seen before.”
“They’re the pieces that were never publicly revealed before while I promoted musically. They are the pieces in between those promotions that I never revealed before, that I collected together. That’s why it’s called ‘Pieces.’ These songs are individually precious to me, and I have fond memories of them. They are precious songs to me but they weren’t a complete image. Rather, I think it’s closer than they are pieces of an image. So these five songs would gather and create one image. Through this album ‘Pieces,’ I think I would be able to express the message I want to deliver.” — IU

IU 6th Mini Album ‘조각집’ (Pieces)

No. Song Title Artist
1. 드라마 (Drama) 아이유 (IU)
2. 정거장 (Next Stop) 아이유 (IU)
3. 겨울잠 (Winter Sleep) 아이유 (IU)
4. 너 (You) 아이유 (IU)
5. 러브레터 (Love Letter) 아이유 (IU)

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©melOn
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