UNCLE OST (엉클) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[엉클 OST]
| Lyrics |

No. Song Title Artist
1. 해변에서
On The Beach
Sangmin Chu
2. Be your side 추상민
Sangmin Chu
3.  파랑새
Blue Bird
중식이 (Lunch)
4. 내 곁에 있어줘요
Stay With Me
Lee Kyung Hoon
5. Your dream (drama ver.) 추상민
Sangmin Chu
6. 같이 살아요
Living Together
추상민, 이경훈
Sangmin Chu, Lee Kyung Hoon
7. Time to say goodbye 추상민
Sangmin Chu
8. Butterfly 이경훈, 윤해빈, 김하연, 박시완, 브릴란떼 어린이 합창단
Lee Kyung Hoon, Yoon Hae Bin, Kim Ha Yeon, Park Si Wan, Brillante Children Choir
9. 지금 우리 헤어져도
Even If We Break Up
Sangmin Chu
10. Love sign LIZIA (리지아)
11. Not alone 배성윤
Bae Sung Yoon
12. 내가 건강해지면
If I Can
Sangmin Chu
13. Where it’s Alright 추상민
Sangmin Chu
14. My Second Time Various Artists
15. My Wish Various Artists
16. finish Various Artists
17. light step Various Artists
18. Old School Various Artists
19. Wish Various Artists
20. Reason of my life Various Artists
21. Bright Various Artists
22. After school Various Artists
23. some beer Various Artists
24. beautiful pain Various Artists
25. when I was the young Various Artists
26. failure Various Artists
27. Dreaming of eternity Various Artists
28. gossip Various Artists
29. cloudy moon Various Artists
30. crisis into opportunity Various Artists
31. Love only for you Various Artists
32. the fragrant warmth Various Artists
33. moon waltz Various Artists
34. new me Various Artists
35. fall asleep in eternal sadness ending Various Artists

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