10CM, BIG Naughty (서동현) – 딱 10CM만 (Just 10 centimeters)

Lyricists: BIG Naughty (Seo Dong Hyun), 10CM | Composers/Arrangers: TOIL, BIG Naughty (Seo Dong Hyun)


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ttak shibsenchi man
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10CM – 그라데이션 (Gradation)

Feel the ‘Gradation’ of perfect summer colors in 10CM’s ‘5.3’
*Gradation: technique used in visual art of gradually transitioning from one color hue to another, or from one shade to another, or one texture to another.

Indie pop singer 10CM is returning this summer with a new single, titled “Gradation”. In Gradation, the singer sings about how another’s presence can pervade into your heart so gradually and naturally that you find yourself to be in love unwittingly. 10CM embodies this feeling perfectly in his new song Gradation using a sweet metaphor of ink spreading through, taking up an up-beat indie folk melody.

작사: 10CM | 작곡: 10CM, 고영배 | 편곡: 10CM, 이요한, 성수용, 이윤혁, 방인재
Lyricist: 10CM | Composers: 10CM, Go Young Bae | Arrangers: 10CM, Lee Yo Han, Seong Soo Yong, Lee Yoon Hyuk, Bang In Jae


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10CM (십센치) – 서랍 (Drawer) [Our Beloved Summer OST Part 1]

[그 해 우리는 OST Part 1]
작사: 남혜승, 자넷서 | 작곡: 남혜승, 전종혁 | 편곡: 전종혁, 허석, 이재우
Lyricists: Nam Hye Seung, Janet Suhh | Composers: Nam Hye Seung, Jeon Jong Hyuk | Arrangers: Jeon Jong Hyuk, Heo Seok, Lee Jae Woo


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