SANDEUL (산들) – 게으른 나 (Lazy Me) Lyrics

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“Sandeul’s Work Notes

Sunday, September 29th, 2019.
Today, I lie on my bed and play a movie while the sun is up.
Maybe an hour or so? I raise my head to find the remote control because I want to watch something else with the story that I don’t like. It’s bothersome to even go grab the remote you can see under your feet.
I want to watch another movie.

But my body doesn’t move.
I hate lazy me so much…
I want to be diligent…

“I wanted to tell you about our stories
when we just want to lying down and do nothing,
when we get tired of even staying still”

“I don’t want to do anything, but I know that reality can’t I feel bad about being lazy, but wouldn’t it be okay to stop my daily routine and take a rest without thinking about it? That’s how I put my heart into the song.””

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작사/작곡: 산들, 팀콜럼버스 | 편곡: 팀콜럼버스
Lyricists/Composers: Sandeul, Team Columbus | Arranger: Team Columbus


ge.eureun naega neomu shilda
bujireonhan naega doego shipda
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