CHAI (이수정) – Alright [Lyrics]

[DEBUT SINGLE] Give and Take
[Track 1] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |

작사: CHAI (이수정), 최수빈 | 작곡: CHAI (이수정), Sam Ock | 편곡: Sam Ock
Lyricists: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung), Choi Soo Bin | Composers: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung), Sam Ock | Arranger: Sam Ock


Starting on a blank page
museun mal halkka
naega aniramyeon
kinjang an halkka
meoritsogen ontong
saenggaki neomu manhda Continue reading “CHAI (이수정) – Alright [Lyrics]”

CHAI (이수정) ft. Sam Kim – Color You [Lyrics]

[DEBUT SINGLE] Give and Take
[Track 3] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |

작사: CHAI (이수정), 샘김 | 작곡: CHAI (이수정), Iris Temple | 편곡: 적재, 홍소진
Lyricists: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung), Sam Kim | Composers: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung), Iris Temple | Arranges: Jeok Jae, Hong So Jin

I filled in your lines of questions
Even showed you my flaws
I’ll be the light you lost
Colored you with all my thoughts
And I made this world for you
When our love was like the Continue reading “CHAI (이수정) ft. Sam Kim – Color You [Lyrics]”

CHAI (이수정) ft. pH-1 – Give and Take [Lyrics]

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[DEBUT SINGLE] Give and Take
[Track 1] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |

Lyricists: Kim Ina, pH-1 | Composers: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung), MooF (153/Joombas), pH-1 | Arranger: MooF (153/Joombas)


morae.albodado jageun sun.gandeullo
urin yeogie isseo
miri matchun geot gateun
urin rideumi joha Continue reading “CHAI (이수정) ft. pH-1 – Give and Take [Lyrics]”

CHAI (이수정) – Oh My Angel [Lyrics]

[단 하나의 사랑 OST]
Angel’s Last Mission: Love OST – Part 2
| Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |

작사: 김지원 (Chansline) | 작곡: 김지원 (Chansline), 석혜민, 김성은 | 편곡: 김성은, 석혜민
Lyricist: Kim Ji Won (Chansline) | Composers: Kim Ji Won (Chansline), Seok Hye Min, Kim Seong Eun | Arrangers: Kim Seong Eun, Seok Hye Min


It’s alright
It’s alright
modeun geol irheobeorindaedo

It’s alright
It’s alright nae yeope isseuni Continue reading “CHAI (이수정) – Oh My Angel [Lyrics]”