2015 Korea Drama Awards – Full Winner List

2015 kda

Hello everyone, I’m back. Good to see you again. You know there are times when I lurking over music sites for days but no new album release. I hope the same for last weekend but apparently there were so many new album, single, including OST released during my absence. Yikes. On top of that, I also missed to watch this award live. After I came back from my short trip then I see the nominees and winners. Wow… is this some kind of makjang drama? hahaha I kind of let out my small smirk without noticing. Some awards falls in right hands I believe but some were not my fav considering the nominees. The Daesang nominees are not pulled out from Top Excellence like what we always see from broadcast station award. So whoever didn’t win, lose out a chance to grab any other awards left because they are only up for Daesang. Seriously someone please give Ji Sung an award already. ;_; I don’t really like the overall nomination system and some category seems made up to fill up the quote? I have so many things to say but too much frustration is not good for my health. So I’ll just leave it as it is. One result for sure that 100% won my heart is OST award which was awarded to Jang Jae In for Kill Me Heal Me with Auditory Hallucination. It was perfect. Just like last year, my fav OST won. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay that’s it. The dice have been thrown and we got the winners already. Congrats Kim Soo Hyun for winning Daesang twice in a row. Everyone graced the red carpet elegantly and handsomely this should be celebrated. ^^ Congratulations to all the winners!

kim soo hyun

Kim Soo Hyun (The Producers)

Best Drama:


Jury Award:
Im Si Wan (Misaeng)


KDA Award:
Park Hae Jin (Bad Guys)


Top Excellence Award:
Best Actor: Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio)
Best Actress: Kim Tae Hee (Yong Pal)

Hot Star Award:
Seo Kang Joon (Hwajung)

Excellence Award:
Outstanding Actor: Lee Joon (Heard It Through the Grapevine), Kim Dae Myung (Misaeng)
Outstanding Actress: Sooyoung (My Spring Days)


Best Drama OST Award:
Jang Jae In (Kill Me Heal Me)

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Kim Young Ae

Best Producer:
Seo Soo Min, Pyo Min Soo (The Producers)

Best Original Scriptwriter:
Jang Hyeok Rin (Yong Pal)


K-Waveย Star Award:
Kim Soo Hyun (The Producers)
Chanyeol (EXO Next Door)

Global Star Award:
Sam Okyere (Warm and Cozy)

Star of the Year Award:
Kim So Hyun (Who Are You – School 2015)

Best Rookie Award:
Actor: Chanyeol (EXO Next Door)
Actress: Im Ji Yeon (High Society)

p/s: Too bad Kim Tae Hee was alone without his Yong Pal (he was in Jakarta that day, and have date appointment with me the day after that. Tihihi) but she never lose her gorgeousness. I love her shoes!!


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2014 Korean Drama Awards – Full Winners List

This is a 10 days long due post. Not planning to make one at first but creating this anywayย to congratulate Ailee for winning the Best Original Soundtrack for Fated To Love You. Congratulations Ailee! ๐Ÿ™‚


Since I’m at it, I may as well just make one full list for all winners. This award was held inย Jinju on the 1st Oct. It is not the biggest award out there but the fact that it is centralize on the drama, we might see some promising actors/actresses toย win and continue the acting legacy up to next level.

I am surprised Empress Ki didn’t won single awards. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Well, this list is not my favorite but I don’t have a say at all except for the voting thingy. ^^ You Who Came From The Stars were just too strong. Hoping my favorite picks will winย at the year-end and more to comeย awards! Personally happy Ahn Jaehyun grab the New Actor Awards along with Seo Kangjoon. heheย Daesang goes to Kim Soo-hyun for his cold-yet-cool-alien acting in You Who Came From The Stars. Congratulations Do Manager! I leave you with the winners list. Check it out below.


Daesang: Kim Soo-hyun (You Who Came From Theย Stars)

Best Drama: You Who Came From Theย Stars

Best Screenplay: Jung Hyun-min (Jeong Do-jeon)

Best Director: Shin Won-ho (Replyย 1994)

Top Excellence, Actor: Kim Jaejoong (Triangle)

Top Excellence, Actress: Oh Yeon-seo (Jang Bo-ri Is Here)


Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Kwang-soo (Itโ€™s Okay, Itโ€™s Love)

Excellence Award, Actress: Kang So-ra (Doctor Stranger)

ajh skj

New Actor:
Seo Kang-joon (Cunning Single Lady)
Ahn Jae-hyun
(You Who Came From Theย Stars)

New Actress:ย Minย Do-hee (Replyย 1994)

Child Actor: Kim Ji-young (Jang Bo-ri Is Here)


Global Actor Award: Otani Ryohei (Joseon Gunman)

Best Couple:ย Minย Do-hee & Kim Sung-kyun (Replyย 1994)


Hot Star Award: Shin Sung-rok (You Who Came From Theย Stars)

Hallyu Star Award: Kim Soo-hyun (You Who Came From The Stars)

Best Original Soundtrack: Ailee (Fated To Love You)

Ailee performed at the award, presenting his award-winning OST, Goodbye My Love. Unfortunately it was not her best stage so far. Upon watching it, I can see from the starts, there are some technical problem. During the second verse I don’t know for some reason I hear her voice in the background like she’s miming but it was not the case. She’s singing live. It’s like she’s miming her own song LIVE. So I can hear double voice layered to each other. LOL at my explanation. You can watch it HERE.

Whatever it is, I still want to applaud her for continue letting her voice out loud professionally. She keeps smiling at the problem while singing. I knew deep down her heart she probably wants to summon Manager Do and ask him to pause the time or teleport her to the other corner of the world. If only Manager Do has the ability to turn back time. hehe I’ve seen Ailee’s LIVE stage countless times. I believe in her abilities.ย This may not be her best stage but she’s managed to pull it through. If only there were no technical issue.. I really would love to listen to her sings this song LIVE again in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations to all the winners!


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