Ha Jin (하진) – Daydream [Lyrics]

“There are times when I want to throw everything away even if I live well every day.  There are many ways to comfort me at that time, but in this album, I wanted to tell the story of deviation, or small resistance.
On such a day, to soothe my tired mind, I close my eyes and go somewhere today. Sometimes the freshness of unfamiliar air is quite a comfort, even if it’s not the ideal that I wanted.
If one day you suddenly want to escape from the present, run with Daydream…” — Ha Jin

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작사: 도코 | 작곡: 조원상, 도코 | 편곡: 조원상, 한승연, 박지환
Lyricist: DOKO | Composers: Jo Won Sang, DOKO | Arrangers: Jo Won Sang, Han Seung Yeon, Park Ji Hwan


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