It’s One (잇츠원) Bobby (iKON), Sunwoo (The Boyz), Hwiyoung (SF9) – Full DaSH [Kingdom: Legendary War]

[On Air Ver.]

[Full Ver.]

I’ve been waiting for days for Mnet to officially released this on music sites, but I guess I can’t wait no more. I transcribed the lyrics from the video and match it by ears so it may contain inaccuracies but I did my best. I’ll update this post once again after they release the song. Seriously please do ㅠㅠ Screw the results, I need this on spotify real quick!

[킹덤: 레전더리 워] Rap Unit
It’s One (잇츠원) Bobby (아이콘), 선우 (더보이즈), 휘영 (SF9) – Full DaSH [Lyrics]


soljikhi kkanohgo malhalke
neo jaldoeneun ge kkolbogiga shireum
nal wihan jari animyeon bureuji mara
nan keogi gagiga shireum Continue reading “It’s One (잇츠원) Bobby (iKON), Sunwoo (The Boyz), Hwiyoung (SF9) – Full DaSH [Kingdom: Legendary War]”