PRODUCE X 101 (프로듀스X101) – To My World [Lyrics]

[PRODUCE X 101 FINAL] 프로듀스X101 데뷔 평가 무대
[Track 2] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs iTunes |

Lyricist: 조유리 (Jo Yuri) (Jam Factory) | Composers: Sean Michael Alexander, Drew Ryan Scott, Phil Schwan | Arranger: Phil Schwan


Yeah Come to my world
Are you ready Come on
Come into my world
(Turn it on)
Dream for my world
(Burn it up)
neoneun to my world
(yegam joheun geol) Continue reading “PRODUCE X 101 (프로듀스X101) – To My World [Lyrics]”


PRODUCE X 101 (프로듀스X101) – 소년미 (少年美) (Boyness) [Lyrics]

[PRODUCE X 101 FINAL] 프로듀스X101 데뷔 평가 무대
[Track 1] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs iTunes |

작사: 후이 (펜타곤) | 작곡: Flow Blow, 후이 (펜타곤) | 편곡: Flow Blow
Lyricist: Hui (PENTAGON) | Composers: Flow Blow, Hui (PENTAGON) | Arranger: Flow Blow


eoridago nolliji marayo
yesangchi mothan pointeu.eseo.ui mello
amugeotdo naneun keu mu.eotdo
moreuneun cheok imi ppajyeodeulgo itjyo ye Continue reading “PRODUCE X 101 (프로듀스X101) – 소년미 (少年美) (Boyness) [Lyrics]”

PRODUCE X 101: Sleepless Thoughts

Produce X 101 – X1 Logo

After 3 months of colorful journey, PDX101 is finally over. We are finally having our 11 X1 members! Initially I watch this show because of Lee Han Gyul. He is The Unit pride I must say. He’s the only The Unit contestant that signed up for Produce X 101. I’m glad and worried at the same time but at the end of the day, we all want to see him succeed. Thus, with that mindset, I invested my time to watch the show. Continue reading “PRODUCE X 101: Sleepless Thoughts”

PRODUCE X 101 (프로듀스X101) – 꿈을 꾼다 (Dream For You) [Lyrics]

This song sounds so magical. It is written by Lee Daehwi and performed by all 20 contestants of Produce X 101 in the final round. I just thought I would share the lyrics ahead of the album release (if any…). I’ll edit this post again with official photo and link once the song released on music site 🙂

[PRODUCE X 101 FINAL] 프로듀스X101 데뷔 평가 무대
[Track 3] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs iTunes |

작사: 이대휘 | 작곡: 이대휘, BOOMBASTIC | 편곡: BOOMBASTIC
Lyricist: Lee Dae Hwi | Composers: Lee Dae Hwi, BOOMBASTIC | Arranger: BOOMBASTIC


cheo.eumen na nuneul gameun geot gatdeon
bulbit hana boiji anhdeon giriyeosseo
(amuri georeo bwado)
jogeumssik nae gyeote bichi moigo
eodubgiman haesseotdeon nal balkge bichwoju.eotji Continue reading “PRODUCE X 101 (프로듀스X101) – 꿈을 꾼다 (Dream For You) [Lyrics]”

맴맴 – Super Special Girl [PRODUCE X 101]

[Track 4] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |

Lyricists: 권덕근 (Kwon Deok Geun), Young Chance, gxxdkelvin | Composers: 권덕근 (Kwon Deok Geun), Young Chance | Arranger: 권덕근 (Kwon Deok Geun)


kkachilhan nunbiche jakku kkeullineun geon wae
eum eum eum
siseoneul ppae.atgyeo ojik neoman boineun geol
Oh I don’t know
I don’t know what to do
naege bonae oneun Sign
neukkimi majabeorin geolkka
(I think we got this party started) Continue reading “맴맴 – Super Special Girl [PRODUCE X 101]”