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[A Korean Odyssey OST – Part 9] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh |
작사/작곡/편곡: 박우상
Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: Park Woo Sang

I Believe In You
I’m Missing You

gateun jarie seonmyeonghage namgyeojin
ki.eogeul geuryeonae

I Believe In You
I’m Missing You

jogeum neujeodo gwaenchana ihaehae
doraol geol ara

ni ane naega namaitdamyeon ama Continue reading


Friday, 23rd February 2018… The day I waited the most. I woke up pretty early so I can do chores and stuff before I’m ‘busy’ — I want to watch Music Bank on the evening. But things didn’t turned out well. It was raining heavily with thunder and lightning so my cable failed to work properly. “Service currently unavailable” — also means I can’t watch KBS World on TV until the rain subsided. But it was too late already.. I missed the show and it takes forever for KBS to upload the clips on Youtube. The moment I’m writing this, they just uploaded it! It took a few hours for them to do it lol it’s okay I’m a kind person I won’t complaint. *cough* :p

So! The girls started earlier with Ting and You & I but I’m going to write about the boys first. They started with ‘Raise Me Up’ (apparently this is the english title for 끌어줘 but literally it means ‘Pull Me’). The teaser for fanmeet were put in as an introduction. 🙂 Oh speaking about the teaser! It’s already came out! They look so cool and beautiful. All of them!! ❤

Okay back to Music Bank’s performances. ehe


We have 7 original members for this song! So the distribution is not hard. Basically Hansol and Jun replaced Dongmyung and Lee Geon respectively. Thank goodness both are perfect replacement for Dolmaengi and Geonie’s position. I missed them though… ㅠㅠ Continue reading

[Misty OST – Part 2 Track 2] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh |
작사: Jamon Maple | 작곡/편곡: 개미
Lyricist: Jamon Maple | Composer/Arranger: Gaemi

When I saw you
waiting there I knew
When I looked
into your eyes
I just whispered
through the dark
so blue that somehow
I’d find my way to you

I love you
I’ll be by your side
Don’t cry
it won’t be the last time
My heart beats for you
and though I’m far away
please hear me when I say Continue reading

[Misty OST – Part 2 Track 1] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh |
작사/작곡: Bob Dylan | 편곡: 정수완
Lyricist/Composer: Bob Dylan | Arranger: Jung Soo Wan

Mama take this badge
off of me
I can’t use it anymore
It’s getting dark
too dark to see
Feel I’m knocking
on heaven’s door

Knock knock knocking on
heaven’s door
Knock knock knocking on
heaven’s door
Knock knock knocking on
heaven’s door Continue reading

It’s D-Day! The Unit boys and girls will be taking the stage on Music Bank today. This is their first official appearances as the final members at Music Bank. They will perform their songs from The Unit’s finale — Ting, You & I, Dancing With The Devil and Pull Me. I remember watching All Day team performed on MuBank before.. It was quite thrilling cos I know some of them didn’t have much opportunity to do that with their original group. Gotta tune in to KBS World this evening!

On the day of the Music Bank announcement, The Unit also announced that there will still be fanmeetings on March 3!

Okay let’s rewind back to a few days before.. As many already know, the plan was to have a fanmeet at Gocheok Sky Dome — also means a large scale show. But on Feb 19, the day that was supposed to be a ticketing day, The Unit took to twitter and instagram to announce a statement as following: Continue reading