TEN & YANGYANG (WayV) – Low Low [Lyrics]

Lyricists/Composers: Ryan Jhun, Sorana, Paris Carney, David Wilson | Arrangers: Ryan Jhun, dwilly

Don’t keep my love on the low low
Keep my love on the low low
You can throw me like a yo-yo
But I promise I won’t let go Continue reading “TEN & YANGYANG (WayV) – Low Low [Lyrics]”

WayV (威神V) – Turn Back Time (Korean Ver.) Lyrics

“The title track ‘Turn Back Time (超時空 回)’, a hip-hop genre that has been included in WayV’s first full-length album ‘Awaken The World‘, has been transformed into a Korean version.

‘Turn Back Time (Korean Ver.)’ is a new language that expresses WayV’s deep commitment to moving toward a bigger world stage with its existing ‘Turn Back Time (超時空 回)‘ charm, including intense beats and addictive sounds, and is enough to meet the newfound musical attempts of WayV.”

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Lyricists: Oh Min Joo, Kang Eun Jung, Park Sung Hee (Jam Factory) | Composers: Moonshine, Jeremy Tyrone Jasper, Adrian Mckinnon | Arrangers: Moonshine, Yoo Young Jin


shigani dwaesseo
Don’t you know that’s fact fact fact
shiganeul dollyeo
We’re turning back back we back Continue reading “WayV (威神V) – Turn Back Time (Korean Ver.) Lyrics”

WayV (威神V) – The 1st Album ‘Awaken The World’ [Full Tracklist]

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WayV 1st Album ‘Awaken The World’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Turn Back Time WayV (威神V)
2. Bad Alive WayV (威神V)
3. Unbreakable WayV (威神V)
4. After Midnight WayV (威神V)
5. Interlude: Awaken The World WayV (威神V)
6. Only Human WayV (威神V)
7. Domino WayV (威神V)
8. Up From Here WayV (威神V)
9. Electric Hearts WayV (威神V)
10. Stand By Me WayV (威神V)

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