sogumm – Run [My Dangerous Wife OST Part 4]

[나의 위험한 아내 OST Part 4]
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작사/작곡/편곡: 김범주, 김시혁
Lyricists/Composers/Arrangers: Kim Beom Joo, Kim Shi Hyuk


You wouldn’t know
that I’ve got you now
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Minnie (민니) of (G)I-DLE – Getaway [My Dangerous Wife OST Part 2]

[나의 위험한 아내 OST Part 2]
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작사: 정예경, 소베, JURIN | 작곡: 정예경, 안미은, 메이져리거1 | 편곡: 정예경, 안미은
Lyricists: Jung Ye Kyung, SOBAE, JURIN | Composers: Jung Ye Kyung, Ahn Mi Eun, Major League 1 | Arrangers: Jung Ye Kyung, Ahn Mi Eun


What can I do for your love
Crazy everyday without you

sori eopneun woechim
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