OVAN (오반) – 축하해 (Happy Birthday) Lyrics


[MV Version 2]

“You’re my love, and now I want to show you off”

The single is a song written for his girlfriend by OVAN, who recently publicly revealed his romantic relationship, and it is a song that comforts the wounds that his girlfriend would have suffered when he was active without revealing his love affair ❤

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Lyricist: OVAN | Composers: VAN.C, OVAN | Arranger: VAN.C


Happy Birthday To You
neon utjil anha keunde
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OVAN (오반) – 저녁 같이 드실래요 (Shall We Eat Dinner Together?) [Dinner Mate OST Part 1]

[저녁 같이 드실래요 OST Part 1]
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작사: 오반, 미스터블랙 | 작곡: VAN.C, 오반, 피아노맨 | 편곡: VAN.C
Lyricists: Ovan, Mr.Black | Composers: VAN.C, Ovan, Piano man | Arranger: VAN.C


haruneun neomu ppalla baedo gopeuji anha
oneuldo keujeo keurae amureohjido anheunde
gaelleori sogui timeline
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VINXEN (빈첸) ft. OVAN (오반) – 노을 (Sunset) Lyrics

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작사: 빈첸, 오반 | 작곡: 빈첸, HYE SUNG | 편곡: HYE SUNG
Lyricists: VINXEN, OVAN | Composers: VINXEN, HYE SUNG | Arranger: HYE SUNG


jebal keu jari keudaero jom meomchwojwo
deo isang garaanji mara jwo
dareun nal gateumyeon moreugetneunde
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