SOYOU (소유) – 하나면 돼요 (The Only One) [18 Again OST Part 1]

[18 어게인 OST Part 1]
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작사/작곡: 김창락, 김수빈, CLEF CREW | 편곡: 김수빈, 조세희, 강민훈
Lyricists/Composers: CR Kim (AIMING), Kim Soo BIN (AIMING), CLEF CREW | Arrangers: Kim Soo Bin (AIMING), Jo Se Hee, Kang Min Hoon


oh keudaeneun eodi itnayo
naega yeogi seoitneunde
i bam jinagamyeon mannal su itnayo
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SOYOU (소유) – GOTTA GO (가라고) Lyrics

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“The digital single ‘GOTTA GO’ is a song produced by Hollywood-based 55 (Arthur J, Francis), which melts the summer cool and sexy with regaton dance hall rhythm and urban style vocal melody. With the lyrics full of confidence and the tone that only SOYOU can produce, you can feel her new charms.

In particular, the single maximizes her unique presence with appealing vocals and perfect performances, capturing the intense and explosive energy of summer. Addictive hooks, eye-catching unconventional choreography, and sexy and seductive performances give off a distinctive charm.

In addition, the vivid color mood and sensuous visual beauty in the music video, the scale that overwhelms the eyes, and the production that reminds you of a scene from the fashion show runway, show off the colorful and charismatic image of SOYOU as it is, showing off its irreplaceable charm.”

[Digital Single]
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Lyricists: Arthur J, Francis, Tammy Infusino, ESKV, Jiin (FlyingLab) | Composers: Arthur J, Francis, MasterKey | Arrangers: Arthur J, Francis


(Oops! Oh NaNa)

maeil achim keokjeong ttawineun zero
nuga mwora haedo It’s Better
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CHEEZE (치즈) – Raindrops [Oh My Baby OST Part 3]

[오 마이 베이비 OST Part 3]
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작사: 하나, 사피라 K | 작곡: 정성민, 사피라 K | 편곡: 한수석, Earrior
Lyricists: Hana, Safira.K | Composers: Jung Sung Min, Safira.K | Arrangers: Han Soo Seok, Earrior


Everyday I find a light
to make me shine
jogeum kidarideorado kwaenchaneun geol
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Soyou (소유) – 이젠 안녕 (Goodbye) [Oh My Baby OST Part 2]

[오 마이 베이비 OST Part 2]
Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Apple |
작사: 김창락, 김수빈 | 작곡: 김창락, 김수빈, 강민훈 | 편곡: 김창락, 김수빈, 조세희, 강민훈, 권수현
Lyricists: CR Kim, Kim Soo Bin | Composers: CR Kim, Kim Soo Bin, Kang Min Hoon | Arrangers: CR Kim, Kim Soo Bin, Jo See Hee, Kang Mi Hoon, Kwon Soo Hyun


chagawotdeon gyejeol jina
kidaryeotdeon nega onda

gireotdeon haruui kkeuten
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SOYOU (소유) – Before Sunrise (Prod. 키겐) [Traveler – Argentina OST Part 3]

[트래블러 – 아르헨티나 OST Part 3]
| Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
작사: 김초연 | 작곡: 키겐, Sean Michael Alexander, Drew Ryan Scott | 편곡: 키겐
Lyricist: Kim Cho Yeon | Composers: Kiggen, Sean Michael Alexander, Drew Ryan Scott | Arranger: Kiggen


saebyeokbit nal bichwo.omyeoneun
tto shijakdoeneun naui yeohaenggil
modeun geoshi saerowojyeo Continue reading “SOYOU (소유) – Before Sunrise (Prod. 키겐) [Traveler – Argentina OST Part 3]”