Jay Park (박재범) ft. IU (아이유) – GANADARA [Lyrics]

Lyricists: Jay Park, WOOGIE, HAON | Composers: WOOGIE, Jay Park | Arrangers: WOOGIE, Slom


gilgeorireul geodda bomyeon
sarang noraeman heulleonawa
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IU (아이유), Kang Seungwon (강승원) – Mother Nature (H₂O) Lyrics

[Single] 강승원 이집 PART.3 – Mother Nature (H₂O)
작사/작곡: 강승원 | 편곡: 서동환
Lyricist/Composer: Kang Seung Won | Arranger: Seo Dong Hwan


kkum kido dalbit doeeo naerin nunmul
neo na ije jameul cheonghae bonda

jamjadeon naui moseongaega kkaeeonago isseo
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IU (아이유) 6th Mini Album ‘Pieces’ [Full Tracklist]

“The pieces in between my twenties that were never seen before.”
“They’re the pieces that were never publicly revealed before while I promoted musically. They are the pieces in between those promotions that I never revealed before, that I collected together. That’s why it’s called ‘Pieces.’ These songs are individually precious to me, and I have fond memories of them. They are precious songs to me but they weren’t a complete image. Rather, I think it’s closer than they are pieces of an image. So these five songs would gather and create one image. Through this album ‘Pieces,’ I think I would be able to express the message I want to deliver.” — IU

IU 6th Mini Album ‘조각집’ (Pieces)
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IU (아이유) – 러브레터 (Love Letter) Lyrics

“I sketched (this song) at 26, completed at 28, and gave it to another artist I like, Jung Seung Hwan. I worked with him after appeared on KBS Sketchbook and sang this song last year. It was the first time that another artist had sung my song since I started composing. If Jung Seung-hwan’s version was calm and sophisticated, I wanted to release my version of Love Letter in a more standard way. The arrangement is fairy tale-like and cute, but the song itself was recorded relatively easily. In addition, I tried to act slightly differently for each part of the lyrics for “dao,” which is repeated the most. In the last paragraph, the lyrics “어디보다 그대 안에 나 머물러 있다오” are the sentences that served as the seed of the epilogue, the last track of my 5th full-length album LILAC. It’s also something I want to say to my fans who I’m grateful with, who have known me for a long time, know me, and who wanted to know me more.” — IU ❤

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