(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – 덤디덤디 (DUMDi DUMDi) Lyrics

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“our own special summer song to fight the heat”

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작사: 소연 ((여자)아이들) | 작곡/편곡: Pop Time, 소연 ((여자)아이들)
Lyricist: Soyeon ((G)I-Dle) | Composers/Arrangers: Soyeon ((G)I-Dle), Pop Time


tteugeoun taeyange saljjak michin nan
swibke du bori ppalgaejigo
keureoda eojil eojil daraoreun nan Continue reading “(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – 덤디덤디 (DUMDi DUMDi) Lyrics”

(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – i’M THE TREND [Lyrics]

“On July 5, 2020, (G)I-DLE’s first (online) concert 2020 ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I’ was successfully completed. The encore song ‘i’M THE TREND’, which marks the finale of ‘I-LAND’, which leads to ‘I AM’, ‘I MADE’, and ‘I TRUST’, is a song that members Minnie and Yuqi made themselves thinking of fandom Neverland. Using their main songs, ‘Oh my god’, ‘Blow Your Mind’, ‘LATATA’, ‘LION’, and ‘Uh-Oh’, they expressed (G)I-DLE’s confident and exciting charm in a unique way.

The upbeat rhythm of this song, which goes well with witty lyrics, is a Latin music-based dance song that anyone can easily sing and enjoy.”

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작사: 민니 ((여자)아이들), 우기 ((여자)아이들), 소연 ((여자)아이들), FCM 후디니 | 작곡: FCM 후디니, 민니 ((여자)아이들), 우기 ((여자)아이들), 유토 | 편곡: FCM 후디니, 유토
Lyricists: Minnie, Yuqi, Soyeon, FCM Houdini | Composers: FCM Houdini, Minnie, Yuqi, Yuto | Arrangers: FCM Houdini, Yuto


I don’t need a perfume
hyangsureul ppuriji anhado
jubyeone hangsang nabideuri moyeodeulgo
I don’t wear fancy clothes Continue reading “(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – i’M THE TREND [Lyrics]”

(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – Maybe [Lyrics]

(G)I-DLE 3rd Mini Album ‘I trust’
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작사: 소연 ((여자)아이들) | 작곡: 소연 ((여자)아이들), 이우민 ‘Collapsedone’ | 편곡: 이우민 ‘Collapsedone’
Lyricist: Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) | Composers: Soyeon ((G)I-DLE), Lee Woo Min ‘Collapsedone’ | Arranger: Lee Woo Min ‘Collapsedone’


yudok chuwotdeon bame jameul seolchyeotneunji
jami kkaen balgeun achim eodumi gadeukhan neo
mwo keuri buranhanji Continue reading “(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – Maybe [Lyrics]”

(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – 사랑해 (Luv U) Lyrics

(G)I-DLE 3rd Mini Album ‘I trust’
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작사: 소연 ((여자)아이들) | 작곡/편곡: 빅싼초, 소연 ((여자)아이들)
Lyricist: Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) | Composers/Arrangers: Big Sancho (Yummy Tone), Soyeon ((G)-IDLE)


neo ajjilhage utji ma jom wiheomhanikka
tto tturheojige boji ma neomu tteugeounikka
(So hot) Continue reading “(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – 사랑해 (Luv U) Lyrics”

(G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) – 3rd Mini Album ‘I Trust’ [Full Tracklist]

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(G)I-DLE 3rd Mini Album ‘I trust’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Oh My God (여자)아이들
2. 사랑해
Luv U
3. Maybe (여자)아이들
4. LION (여자)아이들
5. Oh My God (English Version) (여자)아이들

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