LEE SUNHEE (이선희) ft. CHANYEOL (찬열) – 안부 (Anbu) Lyrics

Lee Sun Hee 16th Album Part 01 ‘안부’ (How Are You?)
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작사: 이선희, 찬열 | 작곡: 이선희 | 편곡: 박만희
Lyricists: Lee Sun hee, CHANYEOL | Composer: Lee Sunhee | Arranger: Park Man Hee


soseulhan barami maeume bureo
nabiin deut nara maeumi dahneun got
mam gatji anheun sesang Continue reading “LEE SUNHEE (이선희) ft. CHANYEOL (찬열) – 안부 (Anbu) Lyrics”

Raiden & Chanyeol (찬열) ft. Lee Hi (이하이), CHANGMO (창모) – YOURS [Lyrics]

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“This song is an impressive disco-style R&B song with a retro synth sound and funky guitar playing, which contains the complicated feelings of a lover who cannot forget each other and misses each other after breaking up.
In particular, the new song will not only combine Raiden’s unique music color with Chanyeol’s emotional voice, but also attract the ear with the musical synergy presented by four artists with different charms, featuring Lee Hi and Changmo.”

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Lyricists: JQ, Lee Ji Won, CHANGMO | Composers: Raiden, Rob Adans, Ben Samama, CHANGMO | Arranger: Raiden


ibsure garyeojin
nunbichui soksagim
I’ll be yours
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Chanyeol (찬열), Punch (펀치) – Go Away Go Away [Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 OST Part 3]

[낭만닥터 김사부 2 OST Part 3]
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작사: 펀치, 지훈, 전창엽 | 작곡: 로코베리 | 편곡: 코난 (로코베리), 로코
Lyricists: Punch, Jihoon, Jeon Chang Yeob | Composer: Rocoberry | Arrangers: Conan (Rocoberry), Roco


Don’t Go away go away
biga naerineun naren keudae
amu mal eopshi nae gyeoteseo anajwo
don’t cry Continue reading “Chanyeol (찬열), Punch (펀치) – Go Away Go Away [Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 OST Part 3]”

EXO-SC (세훈&찬열) – 롤러코스터 (Roller Coaster) [Lyrics]

EXO-SC – The 1st Mini Album ‘What a Life’
[Track 5] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | iTunes |

Lyricists: Studio 519, SEHUN, Gaeko | Composers: Studio 519, SEHUN | Arranger: Studio 519


An all-day ticket
ibjangkwon miri kkeunheo Right now
bamnat eopsi jeulgyeo
Get your free pass right now
kyesok dora hoejeonmokma gata
Go around go around yeah yeah
dareun geo tabollae rolleokoseuteo
bwabwa kkeuteul moreugo neureoseon Line up
Slow down Continue reading “EXO-SC (세훈&찬열) – 롤러코스터 (Roller Coaster) [Lyrics]”