DinDin (딘딘) – 잠못밤 (A Sleepless Night) Lyrics

“a song that I made on a sleepless night because I thought of you”

[Single] A New Decade
[Track 2]
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작사: 딘딘, 쿠데타 | 작곡: 딘딘, 쿠데타, Mook, JUNIK | 편곡: 쿠데타, Mook, 딘딘
Lyricists: DinDin, COUP D’ETAT | Composers: DinDin, COUP D’ETAT, Mook, JUNIK | Arrangers: COUP D’ETAT, Mook, DinDin


oneuri jinagagijeone neon naegeseo
tteonal geo gata
jakkuman ireon saenggake na honja chwihae
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DinDin (딘딘) – 널 사랑하면 안돼 (I Can’t Love You) Lyrics

“The addictive chorus and easy melody that DinDin made for the first time after learning to play the guitar will be very memorable to the public”

[Single] A New Decade
[Track 1]
Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
작사: 딘딘 | 작곡: 딘딘, 쿠데타, 정세운 | 편곡: 쿠데타, 딘딘
Lyricist: DinDin | Composers: DinDin, COUP D’ETAT, Jeong Se Woon | Arrangers: COUP D’ETAT, DinDin


neol saranghamyeon andwae
neol saranghamyeon andwae
neoneun neomu wanbyeokhanikka
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DinDin (딘딘) ft. Whee In (휘인) – 돼버릴거야 (Do Do Do Do) [Prod. by Giriboy] Lyrics

“a song that I cherished” – giriboy –

“I stole Giriboy’s favorite song in two street fighter games, and
I invited Whee In and Ina, who the production team wouldn’t dare to cast! Because to make a great song for the chart these days!!!!
Whee In! Ina noona! Giri! Thank you!!” – dindin –

[Single] jtbc 스튜디오 룰루랄라 X <YA!너두>프로젝트
Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Apple |
Lyricists: Giriboy, Kim I Na | Composers: Giriboy, Johnny, tanoki | Arrangers: Giriboy, Johnny, tanoki, GLEAM


doego shipeo modeun ge
doego shipeo modeun ge
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DinDin (딘딘) ft. GRAY (그레이) – MALIBU [Lyrics]

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작사: 딘딘, 그레이 | 작곡: 딘딘, 그레이, 쿠데타, JUNIK | 편곡: 쿠데타, 딘딘, Mook
Lyricists: DinDin, GRAY | Composers: DinDin, GRAY, COUP D’ETAT, JUNIK | Arrangers: COUP D’ETAT, DinDin, Mook


seodulleo eoseo nawa ppalli
Don’t wanna take
no time baby woo yeah
yeolhansi bane lobi
We ain’t got no time baby ohh
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