Baek A Yeon (백아연) – Morning of Canon (캐논의 아침) [Fated To Love You OST Part 1]


[운명처럼 널 사랑해 OST Part 1]
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작사: 김유경 | 작곡: 오준성 | 편곡: 오준성, 오승은
Lyricist: Kim Yoo-gyeong | Composer: Oh Jun-seong | Arranger: Oh Jun-seong, Oh Seung-eun


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You Are All Surrounded OST (너희들은 포위됐다) [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics]

2 more episodes to go for You Are All Surrounded team to say goodbye. I enjoy every bits of it. It’s not just about police force but more than that. Friendship, love, togetherness.. I’ll miss them!

I love every tracks in the OST. It has been released on 10th July 2014. All songs are nice and comfortable to listen to.

Below is the track list for whole album, and full mp3 on k2nblog. Oh and I compiled all lyrics in one category. It’s always there. But since I am in a good mood today, to ease your movement I will just teleport you to that compilation. hehe enjoy!


[너희들은 포위됐다 OST]

Artist : Various Artists
Album : You’re All Surrounded OST (너희들은 포위됐다 OST)
Genre : Soundtrack, 발라드 (Ballad) , TV 드라마 (TV Drama)
Release Date : 2014-07-10
Language : Korean
Number of Tracks: 18
Publisher: Loen Entertainment (로엔엔터테인먼트)
Agency: Riwei Music and Media (리웨이뮤직앤미디어)

Tracklist :

  1. 이승철 – 사랑하나 봐
    Lee Seung Cheol – I’m In Love
  2. 태연 [소녀시대] – 사랑 그 한마디
    Taeyeon [SNSD] – Love, That Word
  3. 산이(San E) – 나 왜이래 (Feat. 강민희 of 미스에스)
    San-E feat. Kang Min Hee of Miss $ – What’s Wrong With Me
  4. 안재현 – 그게 너였다
    Ahn Jae Hyun – That Was You
  5. 권진아 – 그대만 보여요
    Kwon Jin A – I Only See You
  6. 에덴(E.D.E.N) – One Love
    E.D.E.N – One Love
  7. 하근영 & 류민지 – You Are All Surrounded
    Ha Geun Yeong & Ryu Min Ji – You Are All Surrounded
  8. 하근영 & 류민지 – 테헤란로 114길 11
    Ha Geun Yeong & Ryu Min Ji – Teheran-ro 114th Street, Number 11
  9. 하근영 – 강남경찰서 P4
    Ha Geun Yeong – Gangnam Police Station P4
  10. 하근영 – We Are Partners
    Ha Geun Yeong – We Are Partners
  11. 하근영 – 한 뼘의 성장
    Ha Geun Yeong – One Hand’s Length of Growth
  12. 하근영 – The End, And New Beginning
    Ha Geun Yeong – The End, And New Beginning
  13. 하근영 – Trauma
    Ha Geun Yeong – Trauma
  14. 하근영 – 사람이 온다는 것은
    Ha Geun Yeong – A Person Coming
  15. 하근영 – Photographic Memory
    Ha Geun Yeong – Photographic Memory
  16. 이용윤 – The Crime Occurred!
    Lee Yong Yoon – The Crime Occurred!
  17. 이용윤 – Justice For All
    Lee Yong Yoon – Justice For All
  18. 하근영 – Top Secret
    Ha Geun Yeong – Top Secret

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
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