About ME

Annyeong! So you are curious about who is this sleepless lady.. Well, she is a boring person who like to share stuff that caught her interest. She can be blogging for hours at once with her warm sandwich turned cold cuz she’s ‘too busy’ to eat. She could also be offline for days due to mood swing. So far she’s not willing enough to share other stuff aside from lyrics. Cuz she thinks that’s the least she can do to keep this blog updated since she’s lazy like that. Well there’s more to it. Lemme introduce her in details. Ok stahp with 3rd person already. Hey I’m Aliana! Besides introducing myself, this can also be FAQs to answer a few questions people had asked me in the past 🙂

Who am I?

» a Malaysian lil ambassador
» a Korea not-so-secret admirer
» a movie goer
» a K-drama loyal viewer
» a K-variety show addict. Like REALLY.
» a backpacker
» a concert goer
» an amazing(?) eater
» an earnest music listener (95% Korean music. Pls don’t flash only kpop in your mind)
» an easily-fascinated-by-many-things person. and.. I can even cry at the sight of moving clouds…
» an unofficial music/drama critic. Even my favorites cannot escape from my eagle observation. *swords clashing sound*

What I did and currently doing here

» sharing lyrics
» album/drama review
» travel log (I recall maybe I did once duhhh so lazy)
» Maybe a bit of Korean language
» just… anything.. lol I’m such a random person

Can I read and speak Korean?

Yes and No. I can read. If not how come I could romanized the lyrics ayy. 🙂 Hmm.. I think I can speak a little below than kindergarten level. Not fluent at all. I’m suck at grammar. I think from 1 (weak) to 10 (excellence) I’m at 2? *sad emoticon*

Did I take any TOPIK test?

Nope. I didn’t even go to any class before.

Can I translate stuff?

Only for simple sentence. Lyrics? Mostly nope. I recall I did twice. Well, I’m not qualified. plus my English is not good enough to make poetic stanzas. *sigh*

Fandom I not necessarily active belong to
» Wooribin
» WithJS
» 1023
» Inner Circle
» Airen

Who’s my favorite celebs & what is my fav shows?

TOO MANY… I grew up with them. I don’t think I will survive campus life without those variety shows. And… how to list down those oppas, unnies and dongsaeng…! not enough not enough. Kang Dong Won (omg marry me pls), Han Hyo Joo (ahh she’s so pretty), Kim Feel (melts by his voice), Qualification of Men (I was a fan why they cancel the show) and etc. etc. etc. It’s endless! To make it easy, I’ll list down my favorites that is always special to me ❤
» 1 Night 2 Days (All seasons, all members)
» Infinite Challenge
» Kim Woo Bin
» Lee Jong Suk
» MC Mong
» Super Junior
» Winner
» Ha Ji Won
» Lee Seung Gi
» Return of Superman
» Cool Kiz on the Block aka Neighborhood Sports Variety
» Big Bang
» I Can See Your Voice

Favorites/The Best K-Drama I’ve ever watch

Hmm… I’ve watched countless drama since I was 14. when was it. 2001? Erhmerhgerd I’m a grandma. If I have to name my favorite one, you’ll have to scroll down more and more. 😦 So I will narrow it down to the Best one. Still hard to choose. Hmm.. if I put aside my fangirl-self and be a critic, I would say Misaeng & Signal are in my TOP best drama so far. Ok so my top best drama has changed. 2016 to early 2017 has a collection of many great dramas. But among all, Goblin has stole my heart… completely. I believe majority is in withdrawal right now. I must say this drama is something else. It pulls me without even trying. Everything about it is perfect. Casts, OST, cinematography, fantasy plots, humor… I’m not saying this as a fan but also as an unofficial critic. Every episodes are precious and I can repeat the same episode countless times and not getting boring. Never happened before. It’s magic. As at Jan 2017, Goblin is officially TOP my Best Drama charts. Followed with Signal and Misaeng 🙂 Looking forward for more!
(Disclaimer: This is purely based on my critical personal observation. Not correlated with my fangirl-self)

K-Drama that have a significant meaning in my life

» Beautiful Days (my 1st K-Drama. I didn’t even know it was from Korea until I watch Winter Sonata lol)
» Winter Sonata (the drama that trapped me into K world)
» Jewel in the Palace (significantly boost my interest to learn about Korean history)

Favorites/The Best K-Drama OST I’ve ever listen to (whole album)

» Winter Sonata (the winter feelsss are real)
» The Lawyers (My eternal fav & the best one. The adrenaline of modern classical crossover)
» Princess Hours
» You Who Came From The Stars
» Fated to Love You
» Girl Who Sees Smell
» Pinocchio
» Who Are You: 2015
» Reply 1988 (The Remakes and selection of singers are wonderful)
» Descendants of the Sun
» Goblin (Proudly claiming this as the best one alongside The Lawyers. Love it to the max)

… anddd the drama list is continually growing 🙂

Concert/Fan Meeting/Showcase/Fan Sign/Meet & Greet I’ve ever attended

» Oct 2011 : Super Junior Super Show 3 in Malaysia
» Sep 2012 : Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore
» 3rd Oct 2012 : Meet & Greet with T-ara / T-ara Showcase in Malaysia
» 25th Oct 2012 : Jonas Brothers LIVE Concert in Malaysia
» 27th Oct 2012 : Big Bang Alive Tour Concert in Malaysia
» 2nd Nov 2012 : Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Malaysia
» 10th Nov 2012 : Ze:A Showcase in Malaysia
» 1st Dec 2012 : Ha Ji Won Book Signing in Kyobo Tower, Gangnam, Seoul
» 1st & 2nd Dec 2012 : Lee Seung Gi 2012 Hope Concert in Seoul
» 25th & 27th Jan 2013 : Big Bang Alive Tour Finale in Seoul
» 22nd June 2013 : G-Dragon 2013 One of a Kind World Tour in KL
» 7th Sep 2013 : Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show in Singapore
» 30th Nov & 1st Dec 2013 : Lee Seung Gi 2013 Hope Concert in Seoul
» 16th Mar 2014 : G-Dragon, Seungri, Taeyang “Thinking of You” Fan Meeting Show in Malaysia
» 14th Sep 2014 : Winner (Samsung) Meet & Greet in Singapore
» 14th Sep 2014 : YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour : Power in Singapore
» 10th Oct 2015 : Date with Joo Won in Singapore
» 6th March 2016 : Big Bang MADE Final in Seoul
» 11th March 2016 : Ha Ji Won Fan Sign in Sangam (Seoul) World Cup Stadium
» 12th March 2016 : Winner EXIT Tour in Seoul
» 12th Jan 2017 : ‘MASTER’ Meet & Greet with Kim Woo Bin & Kang Dong Won in Singapore

Red tack

» An important note to all of you in regards of my broken English. Please bear with me 😦
» I blog whatever and whenever I want suit my interest. I don’t online 24/7. I could be MIA for days or weeks due to no internet connection or when I am on vacation.
» I romanized Korean lyrics ONLY for selected song/album/OST. I’m not a library. But you may request for any lyrics to be romanized by me. You can just left comment or mention me in twitter
» All photos (exclude cover album), and lyrics romanization on this site belongs to me unless I stated otherwise. If you are interested to take my lyrics out and posts it on your blog, please give credit and I appreciate if you link back to me yeah. Thank you soooo much!

Trace me

» instagram : sleeplessaliana / starsklover /
» twitter : @aliana1023
» tumblr : sleeplessaliana(dot)tumblr(dot)com

I leave you with random gif (click the gif for sources) expressions of Kim Woo Bin. Hehe

Hey! I’m a friendly person! Thanks for visiting! 😀

Thank you! Terima Kasih! 감사함니다!  ありがとうございます!

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21 Replies to “About ME”

  1. Hey! i wanted to ask you to translate this song or you can help me find someone to translate it in a good way
    “Stranger’s Love” (낯선 사람의 사랑) By Jang Jin-Young X The Barberettes
    its from SM STATION S2
    thank you!!!

  2. Hi! I’m Gee from the Philippines. I just want to say I like your blog. Keep up the good work! I’m also a fan of Korean music, drama and food.

      1. There are 4 OST.
        But it’s an instrumental music. I can not find it, even I love it so much.
        Anyway, thanks for notice me 😀

      2. Ahh.. i get it. Usually, near the end of drama or after the drama ended, the production team will release full soundtrack album. Instrumentals will be in it. I notice not all drama release full soundtrack, let’s hope this drama will have one soon. 🙂

    1. I look into it and I actually never heard of the song before, but I heard Jeong Yeop’s voice which is a big hint for me. I found it yeay! ^^

      It’s a song by Brown Eyed Soul (Jeongyeop is one of the member) titled “그대” means “You”. heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZuJj7jGPHs
      I heard a woman voice in the Return of Superman clip which later I discover that this song has made into a CF song with Han Hyo-joo. Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zPy8HusDVI

      Hope it helps 🙂

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