Solji (솔지) – 오늘따라 비가 와서 그런가 봐 (Rains Again) Lyrics

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“‘Rains Again’ is a ballad song that sings about feelings at the end of the day when you erase someone who was closer than anyone else in the world after a breakup. It captures the feeling of the time that was heartwarming after the breakup, which was neither too sad nor too calm.

The sweet melody line, which blends with the sound of rain, and the lyrics, which are deeply moving, remind everyone of the breakup they experienced once and the feeling of the time.

Solji sang with more sincerity than anyone else, hoping that many listeners would receive emotional comfort and solace through the song. Solji’s innocent and mournful voice with the nation’s best performers has been added to the depth of her sorrow and perfectly captures the emotions at the end of the breakup.”

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Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: LOOGONE


biga wa biga wa
bi naemsae gadeukhan ireon nal
handongan neul ireol geot gata
chuk cheojin chae meonghani Continue reading “Solji (솔지) – 오늘따라 비가 와서 그런가 봐 (Rains Again) Lyrics”

Paul Kim (폴킴) – 집돌이 (Quarantine) Lyrics

“what do you miss the most now?”

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작사: 폴킴 | 작곡: 폴킴, 픽셀 | 편곡: 픽셀
Lyricist: Paul Kim | Composers: Paul Kim, FIXL | Arranger: FIXL


haru jongil jibe gadhyeo itda boni
hago shipeun geotdeulman neureona
hal su itneun geon keuri manhjin anhjiman
mworado haeya sal geot gateunikkan Continue reading “Paul Kim (폴킴) – 집돌이 (Quarantine) Lyrics”

Lee Seok Hoon (이석훈) – 내가 네게 하나 바라는 건 (Only U) Lyrics

“a song that expresses Lee Seok Hoon’s sweet voice, which carefully expresses the love to an unrequited lover.”

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작사/편곡: 도코 | 작곡: 도코, 손재민
Lyricist/Arranger: DOKO | Composers: DOKO, Son Jae Min


bamimyeon tto eoneusae ne saenggake jamgigon haeyo
hogyeona budam anilji
kwaenhi buranhan mame jameul kkae Continue reading “Lee Seok Hoon (이석훈) – 내가 네게 하나 바라는 건 (Only U) Lyrics”

SIYEON (시연) of Dreamcatcher – Good Sera [Into The Ring OST Part 1]

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[출사표 OST Part 1]
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작사: 박성진, 심현보 | 작곡/편곡: 박성진, 최민창
Lyricists: Park Sung Jin, Shim Hyun Bo | Composers/Arrangers: Park Sung Jin, Choi Min Chang


kick start deo ppareun biteuro
that’s right don’t escape now
party time Continue reading “SIYEON (시연) of Dreamcatcher – Good Sera [Into The Ring OST Part 1]”